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Today I’m writing from a very personal point of view. This is meant to help me heal and allow me to become more transparent about who I am.
Last Saturday, I attended a conference with my sister on PSP. This is the illness that my Mom suffers from. This was a full day on this very obscure and unknown illness.

I learned SO much about this illness but what I did not expect was the emotions that would show up for me after this conference.

I have attended many conferences in the past and I went there thinking that this was going to be the same. Learn new stuff, meet new people, create new opportunities, you know, the standard.

What I came out with was a bunch of emotions that were all mixed up. From hopeful to hopeless, from anger to abandon and everything in between.

If you have never seen or heard of PSP than you are not alone. This illness is so unknown that even the medical world is trying to educate their own about it.

It’s a brain disease that is so difficult to diagnose that it takes a doctor that knows about it to be able to recognize it’s symptoms.

My Mom has probably been showing symptoms of this illness for close to 10 years (our estimate) and she finally got her diagnosis about 1 year ago.

What this has done to our family, I cannot begin to explain. What it has left me with is a deep compassion for my Mom, a feeling of helplessness and some anger.

I’m writing this post today since writing has always been very therapeutic for me and I was due to post my weekly blog post on Nature’s Wisdom. It is difficult to post about wisdom when I am working at understanding all the emotions that are coming up inside of me.

If you want to learn more about how this illness transforms our loved ones go to curepsp.foundation.
I’m still dealing with all the emotions that are showing up but I hope that by writing about my process here, I’ll be able to work through them.

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