Welcome to my website. I hope you will enjoy my way of sharing my love of Nature(yes I write it that way since she is my best friend and mentor).  Here is a short description of my view of what Mother Nature is.


Nature is a lot more than what we see. She is more than the financial aspect that we have made her out to be. The intangible impact received from Nature, from her wisdom acquired by time, is rarely looked at. People tend to look at the financial gain or loss of Nature but they have not looked at the possible well-being or intangible contribution it can have in our lives. That is not measurable, yet.

The more scientists get involved with the different theories, the more we can explain this connection that we have to Nature. She is the creator of life, the teacher of adaptability, the master of progression and when we start to allow ourselves to recognize this, we open up to receiving so much more than we can ever imagine from a walk in Nature.

Nature aligns herself with who she is, to her beauty, to her strength and she repeats this process over and over again. Not noticing time and energy spend.

Nature doesn’t limit herself to a size, to how big she wants to become, to how strong she wants to be. She just keeps showing up as herself, every minute of every day, over and over again, making time disappear by allowing herself to BE.

Nature is about possibilities and realizing its potential.

We are exactly like Nature.

I hope you will enjoy your time on my website. Please feel free to comment and share. Nothing would please me more than to inspire people to connect to themselves by spending more time with the amazing mentor that Nature is.