Comfort Zone & Your energy

Have you noticed lately, we are being pushed to change? Some situations change by choice, others we have to learn to accept and live with them. We have 2 choices when facing these situations, we can let them get the better of us and get discouraged and withdrawn or we can choose to get back up and grow within this change. This article is written for those people that choose to evolve, grow and ground themselves deeper within themselves while having to face these changes.

Every time you choose to acquire a deeper knowing of yourself, your comfort zone changes. Your comfort zone is that area where your energy is secure, stable and comfortable. It is a part of your energy and it grows with you. ‘Getting out’ of your comfort range is like stepping out of yourself. When it is not aligned with your true energy you can start to feel exhausted, suffocated and you could even have physical symptoms. Learning to let your comfort range grow asks you to acquire a deeper knowing of yourself, to be truthful with yourself, and to give yourself the right to recognize your deep need to evolve, to change, to develop and progress towards the unknown and into a constant personal growth. By taking deeper ownership of yourself your life is then reflected back upon you and is representative of you even more.

To successfully let your energy grow, you will go through various steps that are part of this growth.  Here are some examples of such steps:

          The growth stage where you are making leaps and bounds forward

          The resistance stage where you feel like the world is against you and things seem to stagnate

          The personal doubt stage, doubt about yourself and your capacities will be reflected back to you by your surroundings

          The withdrawal stage, where you need to be alone with yourself

          The on top of the world stage where you feel like you have gotten yourself to this point and you take ownership of your process.

These are some of the possible steps that you might go through and not necessarily in that order.

Those stages are part of the process and require that you make a choice to stay or move forward to make that old self, grow.

To support you during those times and allow some objectivity, it is good to take stock of the situations, the events and the changes that have taken place over a period of time, say since 3-5 years.  Ever noticed how looking back allows us to recognize with objectivity the road we have travelled. This gives us a clearer picture of what we have accomplished to get where we are without getting stuck in the emotional weigh of situation. Taking stock is just counting or recounting the facts. Total objectivity.

Once you have allowed your energy growth to happen, give yourself the space to learn, recognize and welcome your new energy. This will enable you to open yourself up and master the situation to allow yourself to keep growing, building and solidifying yourself.

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