Elemental Love: Your Natural Self


Wed, Feb 11, 2:00 PM – 2:30 PM

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We will discover the nature of our particular genius when we stop trying to conform to our own or other people’s models, learn to be ourselves, and allow our natural channel to open.
– Shakti Gawain
ElementalLove is simple, natural and unrestrained. Yet, ‘love’ in our modern world can be complicated, pretentious and strained. Without self-love, it’s impossible to truly love another. In a society that encourages us to put other people’s needs before our own, it’s easy to feel lost. Could the answer be as simple as getting back to nature? Letting go of excessive consumerism? Trying to please everyone except ourselves?
If you’ve ever wondered how to get back to your true nature (even if you live in a big city) join us for this refreshing conversation. My guest for this 5th episode of “How Your Food Choices Affect You and Your World” is Nicole Levac a therapist and coach who lives in Mont Tremblant, Qc, Canada. If you’re ready to give your soul a break, you’ll want to tune in to this video.
Learning from the best teacher… Nature!
Most of us have taken personal development seminars, read stacks of books and determined to reach higher levels of awareness. Now, more than ever, it’s important to find the answers within rather than from outside sources. How do you nourish yourself physically, emotionally,  mentally and spiritually? Nature’s elements of earth, water, air and fire live within each one of us. Learning to nourish and then tap into these elements will bring peace of mind and allow our unique genius to flourish.
Here’s what you’ll learn in this episode:

–  How to put yourself first without feeling guilty
–  What Mother Earth can teach us about life and love
–  Why it can be difficult to trust and follow our intuition

More about our guest:

When +Nicole Levac isn’t taking walks in nature with her four-legged friend Tofu, she’s busy creating meditation audio programs and writing for her blog Lessons from Nature and Nature’s Wisdom series. She’s a teacher in the Tremblant Wanderlust, showing people how to connect to the four elements (Earth, Air, Fire, Water) through nature walks.
She also created the Keys to your Soul Program a 12 session program to help people to gain clarity, vitality and energy in their lives so that they can be present and bring their magic everywhere in their lives. You can find out more about her at: www.NicoleLevac.com

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