What a time it has been. When 2014 came around, I had a belief that this was going to be a year of greatness, of steps forward and of positive change. I created a nice picture of what it was going to look like. There was going to be this and that and those changes and so on and so forth, because I was going to make that happen and I was not going to change my direction.

As the year moves on, I have had to readjust my ‘expectations’. I had set the bar at a level that I had defined, that I had been able to dream about and see. Well I could not even imagine where it was going to take me. I did not and could not even realise what 2014 had and still has in store for me.

Half way through the year, I have allowed myself to take stock of how this year is going. I have come to realise that it is definitely moving forward and onward. There are definite changes taking place, there are things moving but they are not like I had expected since I had decided or created my expectations based on the knowledge that I had at the time of dreaming them up.  I had created a picture before knowing which medium I would be working with. I could compare this to decorating my home before having found it and before knowing what it even looks like.  As 2014 unfolds it has forced me to readjust my picture.

What that has caused is a lot of shifts, changes and adaptation on my part since I had planned what it would look like in ONE particular setting. It doesn’t look like I had imagined. I needed to let myself discover 2014, let it reveal itself and sculpt my objectives around that. How did I make this switch, well I connected with my Self, my True Essence, my Core and My Soul. That means that I excavated myself out of my expectations and allowed my Soul to define who I am. Since my Soul is always defined in the same way, I had to allow myself to listen to it and let it bring me where I needed to go. That way I could reveal who I am in those circumstances. Exactly like letting myself decorate the house that I have so that it looks like me and not like somebody else. I could not decorate that house to make it my home without seeing it beforehand.

Funnily enough (haha!) when I allowed myself to live through my SOUL, things in my life got smoother. The year was nicer, better, moving forward and going in a great direction. When I tried to live through my expectations, I found a lot of pain, a lot of struggle and stagnation to the point of feeling lost.

So as 2014 keeps moving forward, I am learning to define myself through my SOUL so that my life flows better, feels better and moves in the direction it is supposed to.

My life is a journey to self discovery and I have learned to accept that part of myself quite a while ago. As I choose to live more and more from my place of truth, I have had to let go of my expectations of myself and others around me. This allows me to learn to grow from what the Universe deals to me.

2014 has been an amazing year for allowing me to go deeper in this self discovery and self realisation and I am definitely allowing myself to enjoy the ride. How is your 2014 looking and feeling?


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