Lessons from Nature-Adaptability

IMG_1492IMG_1275IMG_0484Nature has learned to navigate and adapt with brilliance to the many situations that has come its way. This has enabled it to undergo a natural development in sequence that assures its survival and growth.

Nature prospers by adapting to its reality. Adaptability helps to avoid a battle and builds a dance that takes place between two or more parts of a whole.

I’ll write about a tree but this is the same for all living organism that are part of Nature. Nature is formed of various organisms, like rocks, plants, animals and so on. These are united to create what we see as Nature.

Nature can show us how it is growing and thriving through a singular tree. This is possible because this tree is being a tree and adapting to the experience that is present for that tree while still contributing to the whole, that is Nature.

Each tree puts its efforts and energy into Being present to itself and knowing that it will grow into the best version of itself. The cycle that it is in, (see article: Lessons from Nature-Allowing) the size of the tree, the contribution of each tree is never compared, never judged or envied, it is accepted and adapted to the need of the forest.  Each tree is there to do its part and adapt to the experience that it is going through in order to contribute to the whole.  The tree embraces its potential and all of its possibilities to reveal the best version of itself. It concentrates and embraces exactly what it is and adapts to the experiences it meets along the way of its growth. It never tries to change who it is, it stays true to its Being, in other words, the tree will always be a tree.  The experience that it is living through, and its capacity to adapt to it, forms the tree.  Its hidden non-action can be mistaken for passivity but Nature has learned that to adapt to what happens to it, it must concentrate its effort on each singular tree. This living tree needs to connect and dedicate its efforts to nourishing and giving to itself first before it can get on the path of adapting to the external stresses or elements.

How could Nature survive and grow if each tree was trying to help the other to grow or trying to become a stream or an ant? Nature concentrates its efforts on growing and adapting because each living part of Nature shows up in who they are. If that same tree does not learn to adapt, it goes to its next cycle, allowing for the diversity that makes up Natures beauty.

Nature is an amazing teacher of this omnipresent complexity of adaptability

Nature is an amazing teacher of this omnipresent complexity of adaptability. The adaptability is achieved because each tree maintains and preserves its own identity even when uniting with others. This allows the realization of the bigger goal which is the growth of Nature. Nature gives each tree the space it needs to grow and this space contributes to a harmonious unity that allows the beauty of Nature to take form. Nature shifts and adapts to each cycle of the tree.

Nature shows us that in order to maintain its development and growth, the support of each tree is necessary through the unity of similar trees and the diversity of the relationship established between those trees.  For Mother Nature to survive, grow and thrive she needs to adapt to the diversity of the trees and the relationships between them. Through the capacity to adapt, the collaboration and contribution of each singular tree assures the growth of Nature even though it is not always predictable. Herein lays the beauty of Nature.  There is no energy wasted on past behavior, on fears, on judgement and pain. Nature concentrates on creating the present while adapting the experience of each singular tree to the unity of its diversity.

Why would we try to do things differently, why not take a bit of the wisdom of Nature and learn to unite by adapting or just Being, rather than dominating, transforming and judging?

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  1. Nicole Levac says:

    Thank you 🙂

  2. Katrina says:

    Adaptability and diversity are such powerful aspects in nature and ourselves – you are sooo right Miss Nicole! The path we travel to unravel ourselves is so fascinating to me, and I always love how you are able to find something in nature to mirror what we go through in our unique, yet collective, experience as humans. Keep shining that light lady- it’s great to hear (and read) your view of the world 🙂

  3. Ha! I loved this Nicole, thank you so much for finding so MANY answers in Nature… However, since I wrote a post length response to you over on G+, I wont do the same here. Thank you, my dear friend.

  4. Great series, dear Nicole Levac! Thank you so much for all you do, and keep up the good work! Looking forward to another wonderful series, such as today!

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