Lessons from Nature : Allowing


This is the same place taken at different times in the year. Look at how Nature allows the change to take place

Today’s lesson from Nature comes from what I am living presently and what I am hearing around me from family, friends, clients and colleagues. Many of us are being asked to grow, to stretch and to move out of our comfort range and jump into the unknown. What seems to be an empty handed leap into a void can be very daunting to say the least. We are not alone. Nature can help us to navigate through the next level of ourselves and this is a lesson that we can learn from Mother Nature.

Nature is quiet but it has a voice.  It has learned to transform itself and accept the changes that are showing up and that are taking place by allowing.


Here we see Nature without leaves, transforming the whole landscape. Still the beauty remains as it is allowing the next step of the process.

Allowing is giving the necessary time needed for things to grow, transform and live. Nature does not define growth, it allows it. It doesn’t get stuck in the emotions, it doesn’t let the fears, judgment, the shame and mental chatter define it. It allows things to take place in each step of the cycle.

That cycle is outlined by 5 steps.  Here is how I have defined them.

  • Death/Rest,
  • Decay/decomposition
  • fertilization/sustaining
  • gestation/development
  • rebirth/growth

These steps are not always what we humans perceive as positive but they are necessary to nature’s survival, growth and adaptability. Nature allows the necessary time for each and every step of this cycle to take place. It doesn’t rush through any of these. It has managed to keep growing since it’s time on earth. Taking examples from Mother Nature can help us to grow and stretch so that we can become a contributing part of the whole. This is how Nature has survived, lived and thrived. Why would we think that we can do it differently or that we can jump steps?


This is taken from a different angle but it is the same place again. Mother Nature allows all the seasons to transform it into this beautiful wonderland.

Allowing ourselves to grow, stretch and move forward means that we must go through this same cycle. Growth is about allowing, which means that we must give ourselves the permission to benefit from each and every step of the cycle. The willingness to allow the process to take shape is necessary for any growth to happen.

Nature teaches us that being present is about being Present in our Being, not just being present in the moment.  Each step in the cycle needs to be lived, and needs to be allowed.  It’s our willingness and permitting that can help us to grow, live and thrive.

So, as you go through your own growth patterns, remember to allow each step to take place, to occur and be acknowledged and recognized. This will support you in the knowledge that you are in a growth process even when it doesn’t look like it.

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2 Responses

  1. Marianne says:

    Thank you for sharing your wisdom Nicole. Acknowledge and recogognize each step…that is so important. I love this <3

  2. Nicole, I absolutely love this post! You give such clarity and inspiration to me. I appreciate you breaking down all the steps in a clear manner… I am definitely sharing with my community. Thank you my friend!

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