Lessons from Nature: Overcoming Obstacles

I’ve had and still have mentors and teachers, but my best teacher and mentor has always been Nature. I have learned to listen, hear and receive so much from this sacred teacher. I decided to start sharing some of what I have learned over the decades of my time listening to it.

The growth of Nature. photo 2 (4) (1)photo 1 (3) (1)

If you look at the picture that I have joined with this blog, you will understand how Nature communicates to us if we only listen, watch and hear. Look at the beautiful tree with its roots wrapped around this rock.  It’s very beautiful but what can it teach us?

Oftentimes we think that we are the only ones that face adversity, hardship and struggle. Nature has a way of making us understand lessons, cycles, change, and so much more. Here is a perfect example. This tree has had the same lesson show up, all its life in all its years.  I’m sure it has had to change, adapt, adjust and allow itself to ‘deal’ with this rock to be able to grow. This rock is what we could call a ‘thorn’ in its side.

‘Nature has a way of making us understand lessons, cycles, change, and so much more’

That tree may have not grown, it may have gone to another of the cycles of life, but it chose to grow, to adapt, to adjust and accept where it was, how it was in its environment and that tree never allowed obstacles to get in its way. It never made excuses that wouldn’t have allowed it to grow to be this beautiful and this big.

‘its biggest challenge and its biggest obstacle has turned into its most beautiful asset’

This beautiful tree, that we can only see the roots now, its biggest challenge and its biggest obstacle has turned into its most beautiful asset. Why? Because it overcame it. It chose to grow, to adapt, to adjust and to recognize what it had to compose with and it created a way to grow. It allowed the roots to reach down, to get to the earth, to go find its strength, its solidity, its grounding. Its growth was not all about what could be seen. A lot of the growth took place in the deep dark corners of the earth, overcoming this rock and all the other obstacles within the earth that would or could prevent it from growing out and up. That internal growth that took place brought it to obstacles and struggles that we can only imagine but BECAUSE it allowed its growth to be on all levels, especially in the earth and around the rock, it has become this unique creation that is beautiful and different. The obstacles, the struggles, the resistance and the hardship are what make it beautiful now.

Which part of your life are you struggling with, which part is hard or difficult, which part do you feel discouraged or overwhelmed by? Know that this is only to help you make a choice, like this tree. The choices we make are not to get to this place of beauty, this tree was never thinking or growing to be beautiful, it was growing BECAUSE that was his calling, his path. Its need to live was stronger that anything it could face and slowly, with time, it grew. It faced all the adversity that had come its way and it became this result. Only ‘it’ knows what it had to overcome but now, everyone that goes by that tree can recognize and see the beauty of its strength, its capacity to adapt, its need for life. Are you allowing yourself to choose your life according to who you are?

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  1. Sheila Hensley says:

    What a lovely way to get to know you better Nicole! We’ve seen each other on hangouts, exchanged comments but hearing your voice and message is such a joy. Thank you. I agree that nature can teach us so much about ourselves and what is around us. Keep going with your video blog. This is wonderful!

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