Lessons from Nature-Transformation

Transformation quote4As the year comes to an end, I’m reminded of Natures ability to transform.  Nature has mastered endings and new beginnings.

Like Nature, we are sometimes forced into situations that make us grow. We sometimes see them as a negative that we have to suffer through. Why is it that Mother Nature keeps being able to bounce back from all the blows she is dealt? How does she do it?
Nature is surviving and persists through great adversity. What I have grown to understand from her, is that she doesn’t dwell on what is perceived as harmful. Nature gets dealt a lot of situations and it would be easy for Nature to submit, capitulate, yield and acquiesce to all the demands that are made on her.

From observing Nature, I have learned that there are 5 different stages to go through when a transformation is near. These are the same stages that we, as people go through when we have situations that show up and bring with them loss or destruction of a life that we had known and loved.


Nature must acknowledge the truth and admit that there has been a loss, destruction, a difficult situation, adversity, name it whatever you want, but Nature has faced it. This awareness makes the loss or destruction real and true. Pretending that this situation is temporary or non-existent, will do nothing to help the transformation and the capacity to adapt to this new form.


This is the stage where Nature takes hold of the situation to be able to truly receive what it has been dealt, the new condition. Nature endures without protest. Refusing to accept this new situation will cause it more pain, more distress and will amplify the loss. Accepting that this situation is real will enable it to go onto the next stage.


This is the stage where Nature becomes stronger than the pain and loss it has gone through. Going beyond this situation will allow it to become better, stronger than the loss and destruction that it has been dealt. From this point on, the pain and loss are slowly making it stronger and the transformation becomes about growth and survival, not about the loss and pain. This is where Nature shows us how to rise from our own ashes, how to step up for ourselves. Nature never gives up. No matter what shows up in its journey, Mother Nature always comes back in a new form. Granted, she is transformed but she is far from being beaten.


This is the stage where the new form starts to blend with the old, the uniting with the past and the new. Nature absorbs the loss; it assimilates it and incorporates it in its new form. Granted this does take some time, depending on the loss or transformation but Mother Nature combines the old form with the new beginning. Look at any area that has suffered some clear cutting. For a time, the area is barren but Nature starts to blend the past with the new growth. We can always learn about how to amplify and multiply our efforts to let the new beginnings in our lives take the shape that they need to take so that it enables the growth, the survival and the transformation that comes from having gone through a difficult situation or the end of a part of our lives as we had known it.


This is the phoenix rising from its ashes. This is the metamorphosis of Nature. The complete transformation of its form and function. The new forest that grows where the clear- cut took place looks nothing like the past one. It’s a total transformation but it still lives and grows and expands. The strength of Nature to overcome adversity always amazes me. We are living beings exactly like Mother Nature; we have the same capacity inside of ourselves.

Nature does not dwell on the loss or the end of something. Nature goes through the stages that enables it to survive, transform and grow. This allows it to keep being present in a world where nothing is fair, nothing is sure and there are no guarantees of safety. Only constant change, transformation and evolution, this is how Nature can help us to learn how to live through a transformation.

Happy Holidays!

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5 Responses

  1. Chanel says:

    Thanks very nice blog!

  2. Nicole, this is an excellent article. The description of how nature handles change can definitely apply to our every day lives, dealing with the challenges of life. I appreciate your thoughts. You shine my friend.

  3. Stephanie says:

    Beautiful Nicole. There are times and seasons of change that we all go through. Acceptance is the big one for me. You don’t have to like it just accept it so you can move forward. Thank you for sharing!

  4. Very nice piece Nicole. I love the analogy to nature for we are part of nature and it makes great sense.

    Thanks for sharing this!

    Wishing you a wonderful Holiday Season.

  5. Jane says:

    I’ve been through the stages you describe. I agree that integration is difficult. I’ve always thought of integration as being the merging of dissimilar things that are normally not compatible, but must become compatible to continue to exist. This could be anything from forming teams, to forming metal alloys. The objective in merging anything is to make it stronger. Anything that gains strength is subjected to tremendous pain in the process.

    Thanks again for sharing your life perspectives viewed through nature.

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