My first blog post

As my first ever blIMG_0355og post, I have decided to start revealing a bit of where I find my energy and how I find it.  I have kept journals throughout my life and this is an excerpt of one of those journals about my walks. 

Welcome to my energetic world through my walks.  I’ll add some other pieces of this journal as I post blogs weekly.

I live in the woods, next to it or surrounded by it. 

As  I walk through the forest, I enter a path that takes me to a spiritual journey, as most of my walks do.

I have learned to enter and listen to what the forest has to teach me. There are messages all around, if I take the time to stop. Look. Listen.

I hear the wind blowing in the trees, I see birds flying above me, I feel the coolness, the freshness of the forest and I know I will learn something today.

There are clouds in the sky, crickets singing, and squirrels talking (to me) and playing with each other.

What have I come for today?

The forest is always generous.

It allows me to find my place.  If I Listen…….

I can go and see it as an old friend who is always there for me, to help me take a moment of peace for myself.

The fresh air that fills my lungs gives me strength, courage and liberates me of my fears, worries and problems.  I can cleanse myself here.

I find an inner peace that is nowhere else in my life.

I can choose what I want to do, where I want to go, with whom I want to share this privileged moment.

If time is limited, I can always sit on my balcony to look at it and allow the calmness, the sounds and the smells penetrate my soul, my lungs and my heart.

How do you re-energise with nature?  Want to learn more? I offer a energetic walk in which I guide you through the elements and the seasons.  You can find out more  my Services page under Energetic walks. (unfortunately I have not figured out the drop down menu, so please scroll down.)


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