Nature`s Wisdom: The Picture Series – Water

The pictures series 5-1-min

Water has many roles in our lives.  These pictures share a new way of looking, learning and be inspired by water through Nature`s Wisdom.

The Pic Series 5-3-min

Only the heaviest flow moves the bottom of the river.

When your life seems in an upheaval, you might be going through a massive shift or transformation.  With time all will settle back into its rightful place.

The Picture Series- vertical 6-2-min

A small drop of water can create such a difference when used to nourish.

It is up to us to choose what to do with those small drops that show up in our life.

 The Pic Series 5-2-min

Don’t mistake Stillness for stagnation.

 The Picture Series- vertical 6-1-min

Reflections! They create a beautiful effect.

The effort put in the original will create the full effect. Remember that reflections are generated by the original structure.

Most of  this weeks pictures were taken in the area where I grew up in Northern Ontario.  There were many lessons learned around these parts. This is where my journey to understand and learn from nature began.

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