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Nature’s Soulful Hand

Program Outline


Week 1

During the first meet-up, I’ll show you how to invite nature into your life daily, no matter where you live.

Recognizing that you can find Nature everywhere will help you feel supported so that you can keep going.

We’ll also go deeper into the benefits of the Elemental Walk. This is the walk that I share in the free video.


Week 2

In week 2 you’ll learn to quiet that mental chatter so that you can hear your inner wisdom.

Through examples and exercises, you’ll learn to recognize when your attention is brought outside of your Self and what to do to bring it back into your body.


Week 3:

You’ll learn about the different stages of the journey to your Soul connection.

Nature has so much to show us about the journey to BEING our true self. I’ll share some techniques to help you find nature’s message to you.


Week 4

This is the week where we dive into those contrasts within your Self. The spectrum of who you are. Accepting that you are more than your pain and discovering what parts of you are hidden in those dark places.


Weeks 5 & 6

For two weeks, we’ll dive into accepting that time is a friend and an ally on the journey to connecting with your Soul.

Time, discovered through nature, helps you to be more accepting, loving and gentle with who you are.


Week 7

In this last meet-up, we’ll discover how to BE at PEACE with this Soulful Journey.

Learning about how to solidify your connection to who you are, and discovering inner peace through the process is another step to being unapologetically YOU.


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