Nature’s Wisdom: A Soul-Full Journey

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This week is a special week since a book that I am part of was released. 365 Ways to Connect with Your Soul. It contains one tip for each day of the year from over 200 authors, including Arielle Ford, Peggy McColl, Christy Whitman…and me! 🙂 At the moment that I write this, our book is a #1 best seller on Amazon!

You can learn more about the book here. (if you are in Canada) and here (if you are in the U.S.)

This special book is filled with over 400 pages of great ideas on how to have fun and enjoy this soulful journey. The contributing authors all came together to share how we connect with our own souls with the hopes that it will help you connect with yours as well.

For my part, I share 3 different ways that I connect to my Soul through walking in Nature.

Sharing a few of my secrets on how I listen, learn and absorb some of Nature’s Wisdom.

Here is one of the pieces that I wrote, which is in this amazing book.

Receiving from Nature

I believe that nature is our physical connection to the Universal Soul. My daily walks reinforce this connection and allow me to receive nature’s gifts.

At the start of each walk, I open myself to receiving and to the unknown. I don’t ask for anything specific. I simply allow myself to receive what I came to receive on this particular day. No expectations.

As I take my first steps, I allow my senses to receive the beauty of nature through my eyes, ears, nose, breath, feet, and skin. I allow myself to connect more deeply to the experience and to my feelings.

I also disconnect my tongue from the roof of my mouth. This small action allows me to disconnect from the mental chatter that could take place during this sacred time. Whenever I become aware that my attention is not in the present and that my mind is off thinking about something other than the moment I am in, I bring my attention back to the experience that I am living in nature. This is a conscious choice that I make over and over again during the course of my walk.

During my walks, everything I receive is kept inside to feed my soul, to help me nourish my connection to the Universal Soul. I go on these walks to fill up so that I can bring what I have received into my daily life. I always come back rejuvenated, recharged, and liberated because nature knows what I need and what to give me. I just need to show up to receive it.

I hope you enjoy this book excerpt from 365 Ways to Connect with Your Soul, please feel free to comment on the piece, describe your best practices in order to connect to who you are, no matter what shows up in your life, or share your thoughts. I’d love to hear from you.


To help me receive royalties for my participation in this book, please order HERE (U.S) or HERE (Canada). Thank you for your support 🙂

Make sure to see other authors blogs post about our amazing book: Each day, one blog will lead you to another, like a treasure trail of discovery.


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