Nature’s Wisdom: Abundance


‘Abundance is available if we allow ourselves to receive it. Once we allow ourselves to receive it, we can take it to create the life that is ours.’

This is a quote that I wrote last week because I was finding myself in more and more conversations about abundance.

I found myself wanting to open the door to this mystery of abundance that is talked about continuously. What is abundance? What defines it?

What can Nature’s Wisdom show us about abundance? How can Mother Nature teach us about this? I have been really observing Nature and wanting to understand this one and this is what I came up with.

Abundance abounds in Nature. Nature never considers that its abundance is something that is deserved or earned by being worthy of it.  The abundance is not about taking, it’s about allowing the organism to receive exactly what it needs to grow, thrive, survive and transform.

There are three parts to the ‘equation’ of abundance in Nature: the external part that must take place and be received, the internal part that belongs to the organism that is receiving it and the unity of both of these.

External part:

Let’s take the sun shining down on Nature as an example. Every single organism has access to this same sun.  The sun shows up and is present for whatever the organisms’ want or need. The sun is not selective in where and for whom it shines (although some of us would argue that point lately, lol) It shines bright for all the plants, the gardens, the animals, the waterways, etc. This abundance is not selective.

Internal part:

watermarking pictures for website (6)-min

This picture was taken in a local forest. The abundance that was present could not be captured by this photo.

I’ll illustrate this through another example, a fern under an old oak tree. This fern puts its energy on creating its own growth.  Granted the old oak tree receives the biggest part of the sun and the fern has to ‘work harder’ for it because of its size and where it is growing.

They are at a different place of growth and need. If the fern received the same amount of sun as the old oak tree, it would probably suffer and die.

Each organism is being themselves and receiving what is theirs to receive so that they can create themselves and grow into their full potential. The abundance is available to both.

Unity of both parts:

The sun shows up and is present for whatever the organism wants and needs. The plant has to show up to take advantage of what is offered and available. There is also unity of all that is available for its growth. The earth that supports the plant and the water that nurtures it as well. The plant need only put its effort on creating its own growth and transformation and unite with everything else that is supporting it towards its process of growth and transformation.

Nature’s abundance can be a humble offering of the sun and this is transformed into growth, survival and change. The abundance is there, it just requires the organisms to be themselves and dig into who they are and ‘reach’ for the sun to the best of its abilities, over and over and over again, one moment at a time, one day at a time. In other words, the small fern that is located under the oak tree must connect to its own identity and become all that it is, twisting and receiving the nutrients it needs to help it to grow, thrive and transform under the oak tree.  The more the fern allows itself to receive what is his to receive, the stronger the fern gets and the bigger it grows.

In Nature as in our life, abundance is available for all. Every organism ‘deserves’ to receive it, it’s a matter of which one will allow themselves to create and thrive with what they do receive.  The abundance is there, the sun is shining for all but who will ‘do the work’ necessary with what is offered? It might mean that we have to grow at a different angle and we might have to adapt our growth to the various obstacles in our way. Abundance doesn’t define the final outcome, it is only offered. What happens with the offer is up to each individual.

How do you define abundance? How is abundance a collaboration of situations and events in your life?

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2 Responses

  1. Nicole Levac says:

    Oh I love that Debra, abun-‘dance’ it is quite a dance that must take place within ourselves to get past the ‘money’ and go into the abundance that is ‘more’ Thank you so much for your comment. 🙂 blowing kisses across the continent

  2. Nicole, I love your articles on nature. Abundance is everywhere and one of the many important messages nature teaches us. I don’t think about “money” any longer, I keep my body, mind and spirit focused on abundance. The best part is the word “dance” is in abun-dance!

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