Nature’s Wisdom: Adaptable Hope

Nature's Wisdom: Adaptable Hope

Today I live in that space of the unknown, the unrevealed. Yet, I am excited and confident while I stretch into this new space in my life.


In the not so distant past, this unknown or uncertainty would activate fears and render me paralysed. Launching me on a downward spiral of self-doubt, shame and aversion to any luminous outcome.


The trust that I place in my life mentor: Mother Nature; always brings insight into those parts of myself that require me to grow. I gain insight from her so that I may show up as myself for my journey. This allows me to stretch out of my comfort zone and reveal my views and my thoughts on how I see the world.


I have learned to look at myself and my life with more optimism by letting the feeling of hope that lives in nature to permeate my thoughts, my senses and my Being. Seeing living proof of this adaptable hope in front of my eyes, I can no longer question its possibility.  

What I have discovered was that nature lives in adaptable hope.  Nature’s capacity to change during her process of growth through each season makes it a foreseeable future and reveals a probable outcome.

Hope is that beautiful place

What this adaptable hope does not do is guarantee any specific structure for the growth of nature. Yet nature is present and keeps appearing through much adversity. Who hasn’t seen a flower pierce through a concrete surface?

Learning to adapt while staying hopeful for any future that comes its way, means that nature is extremely ingenious in her ways even when the future is unfolding into the unknown.

If there is anything that I have learned from life and from Nature, the best laid out plans and structures need to be adaptable to whatever shows up during the process. This can apply to so many things in our lives.

Anais Nin-and the day came

So, like nature, I am choosing to focus on today while attaching my beliefs and aspirations for the unknown into my own resiliency and versatility to face what shows up in my journey.

Will you join me on this journey with adaptable hope?

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  1. Nicole Levac says:

    :D, Woohoo, welcome to this journey. I look forward to sharing it with you, beauty filled Debra! <3 <3 <3

  2. Adaptable Hope – I’m in!! xo

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