Nature’s Wisdom: Adversity


Have you ever had a moment in your life when you feel like your life is in a storm and you have lost all sense of direction?

It seems to be the topic around me lately. More and more people are coming up with these challenges in their lives.

What can Nature’s Wisdom teach us about ourselves and adversity?

To help me understand Nature’s Wisdom, I pictured a tree that has survived a storm and wrote these lines: 

I do not need to respond to my present situation with fear, worry, panic, anger, blame. I am where I am meant to be and where that is, is perfect and I have the right to be here.

These lines became my guiding light for this piece.

Adversity is something that mother Nature has had a lot of experience with. I have broken down the process of Nature into 4 steps that are interconnected, as I understand them.


Nature has met her share of adversity and she keeps facing it, daily. Her reaction to the continual presence of it is impressive.  No matter what, Nature doesn’t hold onto the situation or the past. She releases what has happened in order to grow from what remains and what has lived and survived to the situation.

Sometimes she is left with pieces and she looks barren but always, she rises from what is left behind. No hope, just an inner connection to herself.


When faced with tornadoes, earthquakes, forest fires or all the environmental issues that Mother Nature has on her path, surrender is very present.  Nature’s form of surrender is total abandon to the situation, not hanging onto the specific outcomes or parts of herself.

This surrender is complete and whole. While going through the storm or situation, Nature surrenders everything that she is to the situation and allows it to pass through her, over her and around her.


Once the situation has passed, nature becomes a place of peace and quiet, of compliance to the reality of what has happened and taken place.  Nature must face the next moment, the next step and the next day. Nothing is rushed or forced. Nature submits to the reality of what remains.


Nature’s courage to survive is very present.  The courage that she demonstrates by returning in areas that were devastated or destroyed.  Mother Nature’s courage is in surviving those periods that show up and allow the healing to take place from there.watermarking pictures for website (7)-min

After facing the adversity, the forest fire, the flood, etc, Nature is forced to change, twist, adapt and create herself differently than what was happening previous to the ‘incident’.

How has adversity shown up in your life? What could you learn from Nature that would support and empower you to recognize all that you are? Are you allowing yourself to face adversity?

We often view it as negative because it does bring us out of our comfort zone and pushes us in directions we never would have chosen for ourselves.

Allow yourself to learn from Nature’s Wisdom so that you can become a full expression of who you are and why you are here.

Meditate on these words:

I am where I am meant to be and where that is, is perfect and I have the right to be here. Exactly like Nature.

I would love to hear your comments and thoughts below.

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18 Responses

  1. Nicole Levac says:

    So lovely to read your comment. There is so much to learn from nature. Your mom sounds like a wise woman and she seems to have passed the gene to you as well. Thank you for your comment 🙂

  2. Reading your post brought a lovely, calm energy over me. It reminded me of something my mom used to tell me. She would say something like… “In life, you want to be like bamboo. It is strong and resilient, but that is because it is willing to bend so that it does not break… ” (Only, she was much more eloquent). There is so much wisdom to draw from in nature. Thank you for the reminder.

  3. Nicole Levac says:

    Thank you Cara 🙂 Glad it resonates

  4. Cara says:

    I love this Nicole!

  5. Nicole Levac says:

    wow, what a great way to summarize the article. I love it. 🙂

    It is often after the devastation that we see the resilience that we have. As we approach it, we tend to forget that.
    Always a pleasure reading your comments Katrina.

  6. Nicole Levac says:

    You are most welcomed Mel. Accepting change is definitely in the air lately for many people. I’m glad this resonated with you.
    Nicole 🙂

  7. Nicole Levac says:

    Thank you so much Charles for your beautiful comment. 🙂

  8. Katrina says:

    Beautiful post and a superb reminder that nature is a mirror as well as a leading example of how to move through a chaotic time with a sense of inner stability and focus.

    While my parents were in town this week we took a drive through the mountains, seeing the aftermath of the forest fire and flood cycles my area of Colorado experienced just over the last few years. The resilience in the plants and trees is truly inspiring, and a lovely reminder of how being present as much as possible allows you to honor today what might suddenly change tomorrow.

    There is true beauty in resilience.

  9. Mel says:

    Thank you for this inspiring post Nicole! This is exactly what I have been in need of- time to accept change and challenges and grow 🙂

  10. Charles says:

    Beautiful post and the analogy of nature through all life’s struggles as well as achievements was portrayed nicely.

  11. Nicole Levac says:

    My pleasure Andréa. Thanks for the comment

  12. What an uplifting post! Thanks for sharing your advice of taking lessons from nature.

  13. Nicole Levac says:

    I receive your comment with great pleasure Ramona 🙂 thank you

  14. Ramona says:

    Wonderful reminders and very timely given the crazy Mercury Retrograde in Gemini (which made it feel DOUBLY challenging) we just had! The surrender message has been a very big theme in my life this year. In fact, I also wrote on this on my blog not that long ago. ANd thanks for sharing that PERFECT affirmation.

  15. Nicole Levac says:

    Hello Reba, So lovely to read your comment. I would love to read this article of yours. Feel free to add the link to the comment section. I think we can only gain by sharing each others wisdom and our way of bringing it to the world.

  16. Nicole Levac says:

    Thank you so much for your comment Jane. Yes we are more resilient than we allow ourselves to believe. Most time it is not about being strong but being vulnerable and supple with ourselves.

  17. Reba Linker says:

    Hi Nicole, I love your inspiration of drawing lessons from nature, and I love the lessons that you draw. Your words remind me of a post I wrote called “Morning Glory.” So much wisdom all around us and within us! Bless you, Reba

  18. Jane says:

    This is a beautiful portrayal of what I know to be true, both of nature and the human spirit that doesn’t cave in and give up.

    (I have had a lot to technical issues in the past many weeks myself. I hope they have run their course, but if not – adversity will not defeat me. Glad to have you back, Nicole!)

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