Nature’s Wisdom: Beauty


During a long drive, I sat as a passenger watching the scenery reveal its beauty as we drove. I was witnessing the beauty in nature that is all around us in the summer months and I allowed myself to take it all in.

It also brought the inspiration for this week’s post.

What we recognize as beauty is defined by our own perception.

What defines and creates Mother Nature’s beauty?

To answer this question, I looked at Nature’s beauty as a combination of elements that are formed of 3 things: Contrast, Diversity and Unity.


When we are out in Nature, we seem to revel in its beauty and accept the changes in appearances, the variations of texture, colour, size. The contrasts that are present stimulate our senses. We see the beautiful colours, smell the various odors, and hear the multiple sounds. It’s an explosion of life regardless of what Nature has had to overcome.  There is no judgment, shame or hate that prevents us from admiring its beauty.

Mother Nature puts together a fashion show like no other. Behind the scenes, what she went through, how she overcame all the obstacles is lost in the beautiful contrast that we get to witness. Nature’s beauty covers her pain and her obstacles but it doesn’t remove them. They become the texture that is created by the juxtaposition of the various elements.


The diversity that we witness in nature creates its unique features. What makes the tapestry look so lovely is the degrees of distinctiveness within the same element. In other words, when you look at a forest and see a group of trees, each tree contributes to the tapestry regardless of its type, size and stage.

The diversity comes from the various stages that nature is in. Going through the cycle:

  • death/Rest
  • Decay/decomposition
  • fertilization/sustaining
  • gestation/development
  • rebirth/growth

Each stage shaping and refining the beauty of Nature differently.

We also witness the variety and assortment of elements that shape its beauty, producing the landscape to be enjoyed by all for its benefits, value and attraction.


The beauty in Nature comes from its explosion of life that takes place in the summer months. The organisms gather together filling our senses with exquisite sights, marvellous sounds, delightful smells and enjoyable flavours.

This beauty also comes from her strength of unity (see previous post) in collaboration and gathering of organisms, joining together over time and obstacles. All the elements coming together to reveal a colorful, playful and visually appealing landscape that is there waiting to be enjoyed each and every day.

Nature combines the rainy days, the hot weather and cool days to bring us her beauty daily.

watermark for horizontal picture-beauty-min

The beauty of nature can be found in small hidden areas in our gardens, in our backyards, on our balcony and in our countryside. Nature’s beauty is an experience that we allow ourselves to live and enjoy.

Have you ever wondered why can we see the beauty in nature and not the beauty in ourselves and others around us?  How do you define beauty? Do you allow yourself to recognize the beauty within you and around you?

What do you do to allow yourself to recognize the beauty that is in your daily life? Please comment below.


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4 Responses

  1. Nicole Levac says:

    Kellie, thank you SO much for your comment. I truly appreciate it. I look forward to connecting more with you through the Badass society.

  2. Kellie says:

    Nicole, this post is just lovely. I have to say that your header and tagline have to be the most beautiful I’ve ever seen. I got goosebumps. I’m here from Badass and I just joined last week and have noticed your name and I am so glad I now have a chance to see your site. Sometimes I wish we could do things under our business name in these groups as I have a hard time remembering who is who but I’ll totally connect your name with your blog. Thanks so much for sharing such a thoughtful post.
    Kellie from Princess and the Yard Ape.

  3. Nicole Levac says:

    Thank you Cara!

  4. Cara says:

    Beautiful post Nicole!

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