Nature’s Wisdom: Being an Original

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Lately I’ve been going through readjustments and transformations in my life and in my business. It hasn’t been easy since I’ve decided to change course and aim at what I’ve been secretly dreaming about for years. (Writing a book)

This is not an easy road to go down and I am learning and allowing myself to go deeper and deeper down this path of living life as myself in all areas of my life. No more hiding, no more shame or belittling.

During this shift and adjustment, it would be easy to give into my fears and stop trusting myself. This got me thinking about how we are all unique.

How do we stay true to who we are during demanding times?

As always, I turn to Nature to learn how to navigate through this. Exactly like Nature.

Being an original is not about being eccentric. What I am referring to is the unique, innovative, imaginative, creative, inventive, resourceful, fertile and inspirational side of being an original.

This is what Nature is all about.

There is truth and authenticity in Nature. Beautiful, ugly, brutal and honest. No matter how we look at Nature, she is always genuine in who she is. No matter how many of the same organisms there are, none are copies of the other.

She doesn’t wear masks, she doesn’t hide her identity and she never stops being Nature, with all that she has to go through.

Being an original is set in 3 levels that start with each individual organism.

The roots or the underground:

What lies underneath, the hidden world, the roots. This is the place that Nature nourishes the foundations that hold her together. This is where it all began and where everything is held and hidden. Everything can be created from the roots.

This is the beginning or the birth of the originality of Nature.

For us, this is who we are underneath all that goes on in our lives. Are we nourishing our connection to ourselves, allowing it to grow? Do we allow ourselves to connect to the experience that we are meant to live?

How we take care of who we are will serve our growth and our capacity to be genuine and real through all that life brings our way.

The core or internal:

This is the place that shares the nourishment of the roots with the rest of the organism. The middle part, the part that connects the solidity of the base with the outward, visible part of Nature.

This inside growth creates the direction and the capacity to adjust and adapt.  It adds strength and solidity to the organism. It’s also a direct connection to the roots and to the organism’s capacity to react to what shows up in its journey.

On our personal journey, the internal or core is how we treat ourselves and how we act and react to what takes place in our lives. Do we let it strengthen us or destroy us?

The visible or external:

In Nature, what we witness and have the pleasure of enjoying comes from Nature letting each organism be itself and reveal itself in the way that it must.

Each organism must nourish its roots, its core and its exposed side, no matter how much it blends into the whole of Nature.

There is no failure or missed opportunity in Nature and every single organism is part of the whole.

For us, the visible version of ourselves is what others see of us. What we are projecting of ourselves. The visible part is an internal unity of the 3 levels.  Creating an original version of each person or organism.

For Nature, this unity allows the collaboration between the organisms. This helps Nature get stronger, grow, transform and maintain its survival and existence for future generations.

Nature is built on cooperation, collaboration and interdependence of each organism being an original version of itself. Each organism is there to be what it is and each one is an original of itself.

Maybe if we got inspired and guided by Nature to become ourselves, we might learn to be comfortable within our relationship to ourselves. We could accept being originals. This would allow us to share who we are with everyone around us creating cooperation, collaboration and interdependence in all the facets of our lives.

When all 3 levels work well together and nourish each other, we are in unity with ourselves and with what is around us.

If you are interested in learning how I could accompany you through this, reach out to me at and we can have a conversation.

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5 Responses

  1. Nicole Levac says:

    Thank you Cara 🙂

  2. Cara says:

    Beautiful post, as usual, Nicole! XO

  3. Nicole Levac says:

    Thank you Katrina for this comment. I’m so glad this resonated with you.
    So true that the more we are one within ourselves, the more we can add ourselves to the whole. We just need to start with ourselves.
    Nicole 🙂

  4. Fantastic post Nicole! I absolutely agree that so many of us get confused about what being unique means vs being an original. I also love how you pull in the “beauty” vs the “ugly” as a normal aspect of nature; something we don’t always like to accept within ourselves.

    The more we can accept our connection to each other as natural and see the important, original role we play as part of it, we can begin to see our own value, beauty and place in an effortless way.

    Great post!

  1. September 16, 2015

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