Nature’s Wisdom : Chaos and Growth

Chaos and Growth-minNature is such a parallel to life.  Have you noticed lately how the beginning of the New Year has brought with it some chaos and some growth?  As always, I decided to turn to Nature to help me understand all of this chaos and growth and I share some of her wisdom.


Nature sees it’s share of chaos: broken trees, destroyed habitat, fallen branches…..

Nature lives in chaos, in that space of inconsistent, unstable, unpredictable place, grounds, conditions and weather patterns, to name a few.

Nature’s way of facing all of this chaos is to keep growing.  Mother Nature teaches us that ‘not dying’ is not ‘living’ it’s not even surviving. Living is full of risks and chaos when you look at Nature. There are no guarantees, no safety or security offered to Nature, there is only LIFE through chaos and growth. From this place, Mother Nature
creates cooperation, collaboration, combination, addition, and life. The life that takes place in Nature is created by the chaos and growth which are all part of the order and simple complexity that allows Mother Nature to live, survive, transform and grow. She demonstrates this to us over and over again. Whether it’s through the chrysalis that must break open and be destroyed to allow the butterfly to take flight or through the flood that has to take place in order for the growth of the spring to crop up.

This is the collaboration, the cooperation and the combination of all the strengths pulling together for growth

This is the collaboration, the cooperation and the combination of all the strengths pulling together for growth

Nature is WHOLE. It’s beauty and destruction, creation and decay all joined into one. The beauty is evident to us but we often forget what Nature goes through to survive. The natural hunts between the predator and the prey, the avalanches, the floods, the forest fires, all those are part of Nature. The beauty and creation would not be possible without the destruction and the death and decay. Nature doesn’t try to understand what is happening to her, why this is happening, how it’s happening, she stays present within her reality. She creates life from the chaos, she changes, transforms and adapts to the chaos. The obstructions or perceived chaos are a passage to the growth that comes with life.

Mother Nature shows us that growth is inconsistent, unpredictable and sometimes variable.  It also shows us that living is a combination of events, of situations and also of collaboration, of cooperation of all of those parts united together.  The growth in Nature cannot take place if each plant or animal does not become part of the whole. Each has its part to play and each much be present to contribute to the growth that comes out of the chaos.

So the next time you find yourself looking at your life and wanting to give up on your self, on your dreams and on your life, remember that Mother Nature’s development and growth comes from her process and movement through and out of chaos. Take a bit of Nature’s wisdom and know that you can reach out to others to create collaboration, cooperation and combination of strength. Now that is Life and that is Living

Nicole changed by Allen

Nicole Levac is a personal transformation guide. She discovered this passion though her own journey of personal transformation. Now her passion is to help all those other women that have hidden behind masks, feeling like there is more to who they are but aren’t really clear where to start. She accompanies them through some healing, coaching and mentoring to discover and reveal their own inner brilliance. Helping them discover that internal diamond allows them to find clarity, energy and vitality and to truly contribute their brilliance in there life.

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4 Responses

  1. Jane says:

    Beautifully expressed, Nicole. When I read your prose I can’t help be feel like I’m curled up in front of a fireplace reading the most enchanting story. I’ve never thought of nature as chaotic, but as you describe it, I guess I can see that. Nature proves its resiliency and strength against adversity. I’ve lived in areas where nature wasn’t in a park down the street, it was out my back door. I’ve seen plants growing out of rock, and flowers push through snow and ice to spread their blooms. I wonder if anyone else has been fascinated that the most delicate rose is protected from harm by thorny stems.

  2. All we have to do is truly see what is around us… Nature shows us all we need to flourish in her wisdom.
    It isn’t that Nature is merciful or compassionate ~ She is deadly and without any moral or emotional ties.
    What she DOES show us in all she is and does is that the rain, sleet, snow, cold and dark …DO end, the sun WILL return, flowers, plants, trees and animals WILL be born and bloom…New and beautiful living things will be born and will give us life, food and pleasure.
    Nicole, I am so grateful to have someone in my life who sees as I do, that the wisdom and inspiration for living a good, right and strong life is all around us. Nature IS life… without it, there would be none.

  3. Dear Nicole,
    A feeling of profound peace and joy emanates from your writing. What a gift to share it with the world! I love how your care for nature invites us to care for ourselves. Nature offers all we ever need. How magnificent and powerful! You are a unique energy-growth coach. To be inspired by you is a privilege.
    Thank you for you, thank you.

  4. Excellent article Nicole! Your writing is absolutely amazing. I love how you make me think about nature and how it relates to life! Thank you for sharing your gift of writing to the world. You are awesome!

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