Nature’s Wisdom: Coming Together

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This week I had to go through the whole process myself before sitting down and writing about it.

Most weeks I sit and write about the wisdom as I’ve learned the lesson and established the links to my life in the past or have gone through the whole process. This week was a bit different in the sense that I was going through so many shifts and changes in my own life, I had to finish absorbing the lesson and listen for the wisdom in order to integrate it into my daily life and then be able to write about it.

I’m facing many situations in my life at the moment that require a coming together unlike anything that has ever happened in my life before.

I must stay true to myself while being there for my Mom as she is transformed by her illness, being totally dependent for her most basic needs. I choose to visit her every 3-4 weeks while being a 5h car drive away. This is also something that I share with my brother and sister. For a family that has always been independent from another, this coming together is something new and must be established constantly and with great care.

I also have twin teenage daughters that still require some guidance and support (and lots of car rides). I have my relationship with my partner that is a very important part of my daily life, all the while piecing together and maintaining my life and my vision of it.

Being independent of nature, I can only benefit from learning about coming together from Nature’s Wisdom.

This whole process was started by the words that my friend always says: ‘together we are stronger’ (she also lives by these words, you can look her up: Cynthia Bazin-The smart chic) and I wanted to look deeper into this through Nature’s Wisdom.

My curiosity got me started down this path but I didn’t expect my daily life to get caught in the process. I have learned so much from this wisdom, I hope I can bring it to you with the proper words.

Nature’s coming together starts with each individual organism.  Every single one comes together with its own path, its respectful capacity, its local reality and the truth of what it is.  The coming together that is created through a process takes place through the following levels.


Each organism collectively joins together to strengthen and become one with the whole that is Nature.


These same organisms combine, associate and collaborate to contribute individually to the whole that is Nature. They must participate as themselves at 100% of what or who they are.


Each organism shares in creating Nature as if it’s a silent agreement between each one. The exchange of support, consistent presence and the experience that fits the organisms together is shared and received by all that participate.

Nature’s capacity to share nourishment and the elements creates a harmonious relationship within its existence.

What Nature has mastered about coming together is how each organism lives within its own reality of creation and each one takes only what it is designed and created for.

Example: the ant will always be an ant, no matter what happens or shows up in its journey. It creates a life with its creative reality. Uniting, participating and sharing as only an ant can. No more, no less.

Nature doesn’t get caught up in how to create this coming together. The how gets revealed after the coming together is achieved. Nature lets the unity, participation and sharing take place and with time, the coming together reveals the direction, the path or the ‘dance’ that is created.

Nature has a way of revealing something original, beautiful and that is stronger and better because of this coming together.

That connection that each organism in nature has to itself and its identity is expressed in its capacity to reveal with clarity each individual organism even when they do connect to others.

The coming together that takes place in Nature shows us that when unity, participation and sharing is present, the sense of togetherness that takes place creates a dance that is unlike anything we can imagine. It reveals beauty, presence, harmony, collaborations, cooperation, unions, acceptance, support, adaptability, resilience, tenacity and I could go on.

So to get back to what Cynthia always says: together we are stronger. I invite you to take inspiration from nature in your personal life, in your professional life and see what magic can be created by coming together.

I’m also going to invite you to look up Wayne Meador. He is another friend that shows us what can be created and accomplished by coming together. He is doing this trek by himself but with the help of others and the coming together, his trek has and will reveal something that is more than what was originally intended. Look him up at ATrek4Change to see what he is up to.

As for me, I live each day as an experience of what I learn from the wisdom of Nature. I enjoy the moments of calm serenity and I accept the life that is mine to live. I don’t strive for more, I allow and I listen to what life puts in my path. I spend time with myself and I breathe.

Coming together so that we can be stronger. Exactly like Nature.

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8 Responses

  1. Nicole Levac says:

    Oh wow, John I LOVE the analogy of the orchestra.
    It’s always a pleasure to read your comment.
    Nicole 🙂

  2. So beautifully stated. At times I close my eyes and I imagine that nature and the universe that guides it is like the conductor of a huge symphony orchestra. When the baton lowers each instrument, like all of creation, strikes the same note at the same time. I marvel at the transitions necessary to reach that point of synchronicity.

  3. Nicole Levac says:

    Thank you so much Debra for your comment 🙂

  4. Nicole Levac says:

    Glad this resonated with you Liz. 🙂

  5. Nicole, another excellent article. Nature truly is our inspiration in every way. As you so wisely say, nature teaches how organisms come together collectively to strengthen the whole. We can learn from this as we come together in communities to strengthen the whole. Blessings to you and your family!

  6. Liz says:

    I love this Nicole! What an inspiration, so often I have to remind myself to really be present.

  7. Nicole Levac says:

    You are most welcomed Cynthia. <3 It is mutual inspiration.

  8. Such a beautiful article Nicole. You are an amazing woman and you inspire me so much with your writing. Thank you!!!!!!!!

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