Nature’s Wisdom: Earth Day Poem


I hope you went outside for Earth Day. I was back in my old neighbourhood, taking deep breaths and enjoying the beauty that can be found in the mountains.

More and more people are recognising the value of nature in their lives. I love knowing that there are people out there sharing in some of her wisdom in their unique way.

This week, in honour of Earth Day, I want to share a beautiful poem that I read from an online connection and a fellow #WUworldchanger.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. Thank you, Susanne, for sharing this with us. 


If I were a Tree

By: Susanne Heaton

If I were a tree, just for the day,

Would my perspective change on what humans say?

Mankind states nature is wild and free,

But is that what I would discover and what I would see?

I would find root systems that communicate things,

And perhaps observe people as the wild beings.

I’d witness them breathing in what I breathe out,

And know we were connected without any doubt.

I’d notice nature living in complete harmony,

While plenty of humans couldn’t see this reality.

I’d weep as some would throw trash on the ground,

Shocked by their disconnection to the beauty around.

Others would dump into streams what they wouldn’t drink,

I’d scratch my head, wondering, “Don’t these people think?”

I would see and hear wildlife above and below,

And listen for the messages that they would bestow.

I would learn that many humans have lost this connection,

And be disappointed by their lack of wilderness protection.

If I were a tree, just for the day,

My perspective would change on what humans say.

This beautiful poem was first published on April 22nd in The Wellness Universe blog.

You can find Susanne at Motivated by Nature.


Susanne Heaton:

Susanne Heaton is an engaging, passionate and inspiring speaker. Combining her experience as an author, adventure seeker and corporate executive, she makes learning effortless through stories and analogies with relevant and easy to remember content. Susanne also draws on her rare and unique connection with the wisdom of nature to provide simple, yet profound messages that increase awareness, collaboration and morale.

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2 Responses

  1. Nicole Levac says:

    It was an honour for me to share this beautiful poem, Susanne. I love sharing your awareness of nature.
    Nicole 🙂

  2. Susanne says:

    Thanks so much for sharing my poem and for all that you do to raise awareness about nature. In humble gratitude to you.

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