Nature’s Wisdom: Emerge

Emerge (1)-minOK, I’m coming out clean here. Being a nature lover, I’m quite happy to stay in the presence of Nature rather than participate in my business life to attend network functions and build up my business. Yup, that’s me, so getting out to do some networking in our new area, I definitely need to push myself.  To boost and inspire yours truly, I turn to Mother Nature to learn from her wisdom on emerging. I have broken this process down into 3 parts.

I have previous posts on each one of these parts but not from this point of view.(click on the titles to read the previous posts) Here is how each part factors in the emergence of Nature.

The transformation

watermark for horizontal picture-minThe wisdom that Nature can share with us about emerging has definitely to do with being seen and becoming apparent and sharing it’s beauty with the outside world.  Nature’s transformation into a green and lush beauty can only be admired if she allows herself to come out of hiding from her winter sleep.

This transformation reveals a different side of Nature which was not apparent in her previous form.

It is Mother Nature’s determination and need to overcome obstacles or past seasons that allow this massive transformation to take place. She outgrows what still remains in her landscape of the winter season such as the dead growth and the broken trees.  Leaving the past season behind and integrating what remains of it into Nature’s new look and feel.

The growth

watermarking pictures for website (2)-minNature’s need to emerge into her new season is stronger than her need to stay hidden and dormant in the past season.

There is a lot of effort required in this part of the process because the look and feel of Nature is completely transformed.

Nature’s ability to transform can only come from her capacity and ability to create growth. Each organism contributes by being part of the whole, regardless of how big or small, strong or delicate, it is. Nature keeps emerging and creating herself with each organism adding themselves to shape its beauty.

The rhythms

Nature’s capacity to emerge also comes from each organism’s rhythm of growth.  This rhythm is respected by each and every organism present in Nature.  When an organism emerges, its beauty is added into Nature.  There is nothing late or early, every organism shows up exactly in time to reveal their beauty by adding themselves into the whole that is Nature.

All that is in Nature must be re-discovered in its new season, liberated from its past to be allowed to reveal and emerge into its present season that is being created.  It’s not a question of competition, or of being right or wrong or even of measuring the importance of each organism, its Nature allowing growth to reveal and emerge so that she can create the next phase of her journey.

Emerging and revealing different parts of ourselves in our lives brings us on a journey of transformation that usually comes from our desire for growth.  Respecting our rhythms to attain our desires will empower us to be more ourselves and emerge in our new form. Revealing the core and truth of who we are is part of our growth. This brings us to the next phase of our lives, in the next season, allowing us to join in and contribute in the unity of our life.

To learn how Nature can help in your personal transformation or can inspire transformation, reach out to Nicole Levac

personal photoTransformation guide, writer, healer, Nature lover – Nicole’s passion is to help people that have hidden behind masks to connect with themselves and their Soul.  Discovering that internal diamond allows them to find clarity, energy, vitality and genuinely contribute their brilliance to their life.  She accompanies them through individual healing, mentoring and coaching.

She has studied with coaches such as Ali Brown, Ronda Wada, Sharon Melnick, to name a few.


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  1. Nicole Levac says:

    Thank you Patrick. Glad this resonated with you.

  2. I like this article a lot. I agree with much of what you state here and you have done a great job of writing it.

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