Nature’s Wisdom: Experiencing Life

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Nature creates life every minute of every day. Present within herself and in the moment.

The experience that she lives through, shows up with time. Nature absorbs, adapts, adjusts, transforms and becomes the summation of her experience. Each organism revealing something about her path.

Nature shows us that experiencing life is a process that is in constant and continual development and transformation.

I’ve separated this process into 3 sections. Discovery, the Present Moment and the Foundation.


In order to experience life, Nature allows Time to be its ally and companion. It never tries to hurry things or to decide and control the outcome.

Every new experience, situation, obstacle and day reveals a new part of Nature that is integrated and absorbed into its identity.

The life experience that happens is a constant surprise. Nature reveals some amazing outcomes and some disappointing consequences. The miracles that are revealed by nature while she discovers how to ‘deal’ with her ‘life’, are filled with astonishing revelations of what experiencing life is. It just looks different at different times and seasons. (see rhythms)

Nature also reveals different facets of the experience of living by transforming, adapting and adjusting in the present moment.

Present Moment:

Regardless of the outcome, Nature’s experience of living never equals failure.

The wisdom of nature shows us that facing life is about creating from the present moment, adapting to the situations or obstacles by allowing its identity to unfold and reveal something of herself daily.

Experiencing life in the present moment, in Nature, can be about many things or actions, such as surviving, growing, thriving, resting, adapting, adjusting and transforming. Each one of these requires perseverance and dedication to wanting to show up to create the experience while it is happening.

The perseverance that is necessary allows Nature to open up to discovering new parts of itself and build on the foundations of its past.


The life experience cannot happen in Nature without the support of the past or of what has already been established and created. The foundations that have evolved and developed, continue to create nature’s existence.

Living the experience that shows up in Nature’s path means that her foundation reflects where she has been, what she has gone through, how she survived and when this took place.

What Nature has experienced holds her up, creates her beauty and reveals her identity.

There is no shame, no guilt or judgement.

I took this photo while allowing myself to experience an amazing day with my daughters. Look for there shoes on the rocks :)

I took this photo while allowing myself to experience an amazing day with my daughters. Look for there shoes on the rocks 🙂

Nature is not always about growth or expansion or even about becoming more. For nature, experiencing life is about using Time as a companion. Time is the guiding force and constant companion that allows Nature the ever present experience of living.

What Nature has acquired over long periods of time, allows her to show up wholly and consistently to live the experience that is present.

Each organism lives through their own discovery, present moment and foundations. This allows each one to create their unique way of experiencing life.

There is great wisdom, beauty and potential held within this place of experiencing life.

Nature lives in a way that it was meant to exist, in direct alignment with what is her identity.

Imagine a life like that!

So how are you at creating the experience of your life? Is it a reflection of who you are? Do you allow yourself to build from your foundations while being present during your day? Is discovering new parts of yourself through your daily life a struggle or a celebration of your uniqueness?

I know that I’m still learning to live a life that is a reflection of who I am. It’s a daily choice. Some days, the choices are easier than others. I know that with everything that I hear, see and read, I always wonder if it’s something that is trying to shape me or give me information so that I can experience life my way.

This article was written to help and support me and others like me.  If you are looking to create a life that looks and feels like you are, let’s start a conversation with your comments below.

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