Nature’s Wisdom: Expressing the Spectrum


Nature is a living and breathing example of BEING; Being Whole, Being Centred, Being Present, Being Diverse.

Nature`s wisdom teaches us that we are not just one thing. The forest is not just the trees, it is the spectrum of earth, the grass, the moss, the rocks, the insects, the birds, the stream, and so much more. Allowing ourselves to see the spectrum of what makes us whole can help us to stop being uncompromising with ourselves.

Observing Nature has shown me that there is a vast array of organisms in what she is. Each part a necessity to her identity that maintains her. Allowing nature to grow through everything she must face. Denying one part of herself would change who she is.


The same holds true for ourselves.

For years I lived with shame, guilt, and judgement of myself and of others. Believing and thinking that I was wrong in being me, preventing me from showing up as myself in my life. Finding my worth and value in who I am has helped me to finally show up whole and real in my daily life.

Learning to accept ourselves in the spectrum of who we are is a journey. Noticing living and healthy examples of it, we can start being kinder with ourselves. Allowing us to learn to accept that we do have parts of ourselves that are defined as not very nice. Like the worms in the soil.

Once we recognise what it does, how it can help us and when it is needed, we can finally benefit from that part of ourselves that we once kept hidden and secret, even from ourselves.

We can start showing up exactly as we are in all our life once we recognise that we are whole with all that is a part of us.

If nature is beautiful and helpful with the whole spectrum of who she is, why wouldn’t it be the same for us?

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2 Responses

  1. Nicole Levac says:

    Indeed Debra. Even after many years of listening and observing nature, I still learn something new each day. Thank you SO much for your comment. Always a pleasure to read you 🙂

  2. I enjoyed your article Nicole. Nature again is our greatest teacher. xox

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