Nature’s Wisdom: Finding Inspiration


Are you stressed, tired, or lacking inspiration in your daily life?

This is what I do to get the Umph back in my day. Finding inspiration on a day where I have no idea where to start, or feeling wrestled before I even get going. I know I don’t want my whole day to be like that. To shake this off, I take off for a walk.

I get dressed, put on my big winter boots and go outside. All of a sudden, I breathe differently.

I`m going outside for ME. Not to go out to work, not to go do errands, I got dressed and showed up outside to support and inspire myself on my journey.

Already I feel a shift happening.

The sun is shining and there is a cool breeze. I have no idea where to go. I don`t want to be gone for hours. I want to get back to my writing.

As I let myself be guided by my dog, that is more than happy to smell any and every piece of snow, I hear geese above my head. Wow, they are starting to come back. Nature is offering me this gift. The sound of the geese. This pulls me further on my walk. I want to see where they are coming from or where they are going. On that day, I couldn’t find them in the sky.


The choice

This sound of nature makes me want to explore a bit more of this beautiful day. I’m more than happy to stay out here for a while longer. I`m not making any choice of how long, how far I`m going, I`m making the choice to stay longer. Now.

The Wind

At that time, a cool breeze blows my way. It feels so good. Taking a few more deep breaths, I visualize my stress flying away with the breeze. I feel the breeze circling my body, and with visualization, I see it going through my body and pulling the stress out of me to carry it in its wake.

I take another deep breath.

The Sun

I realize that the sun is shining brightly. I take another deep breath and visualize the sun entering my body and igniting and fueling my passion for my writing, for my day and for my life. I feel the sun entering my torso and radiating the warmth throughout my body. I already feel so much better and the ideas are flowing.


The Grounding

I stop for a short break and allow myself to feel my feet in my boots. I start noticing where my pressure points are. Where I put my weight and I move them around to make sure that the sole of my feet are touching as much of the earth as they can. (Of course, I have boots on, my feet are not directly on the ground at this time of year)

I take another deep breath.

Returned Inspiration

I`m ready to turn around now. I`ve found my inspiration back. I can go back to work.


This whole walk takes me about 15-20 minutes to do. For this very short time spent doing this, I now have inspiration, energy, and vitality to go on for hours.

Taking a bit of time to go outside to reconnect with that part of nature doesn’t have to be time-consuming. It doesn’t even need to be out in nature. Going outside, stepping away from the walls in which we live in, is stepping into nature.

Nature is all around us. Stepping out to meet her and allowing ourselves to receive the energy, the vitality, and the soothing support can create a shift in our day that will inspire us to keep moving forward.

Trust yourself, connect with you and Mother Nature. Let me know how you feel.

Next week, find out how to do an Elemental Walk.


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4 Responses

  1. Nicole Levac says:

    Ah Sylvie, THank YOU for your comments…. and for being on this wonderful journey to discovering you….through nature.

  2. Sylvie Savoie says:

    I loved this one (once again) Nicole. A great guideline… thank you… it feels easier to do. sylvie savoie

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