Nature’s Wisdom: Getting past the storm


This week seems to be filled with storms.  These storms or turmoil are taking place in the news, outside with a snow storm and freezing rain as well as with the inner conflict that feels like a battle ground in life. 

A shift or transformation often comes after a storm.

Although I can acknowledge the storms, I sometimes find it hard to handle the process that is brought on by one. A storm can be something that creates a change because they do bring me out of my comfort zone.


Nature is not defined by the storm, she is merely redesigned by it.

The internal storm that I’m going through now is like a renovation of my life. It forces me to revisit my communication skills with myself and with those around me. This is touching my health, my thoughts and my spiritual journey.

Here is what I learned from nature to help me get through this.


Since the storm is part of nature, it made me think of how a storm might just be a distinct expression of a part of my journey, a situation that is helping me be more myself. The storm/turmoil is not necessarily part of the journey, yet it definitely invites me to keep progressing.

Any storm in nature requires adaptation, like the trees bending, water levels rising. I must go through the same process and deal with the consequences and ramifications of this new shift in my life.


There is also the unique feel that the storm brings with it.  I find that each storm, once wound down, reveals a different side of nature.

I trust that nature’s way of getting through these storms can be adapted to my life. I recognize that the turmoil that is taking place in my life is creating a transformation that reminds me that the cycles, ebb and flow of life are all a part of my journey to being me.

How is turmoil or a storm showing up in your life and how do you get through it? What part of yourself are you discovering?

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