Nature’s Wisdom: Holding Space


Ever have those days where you want to withdraw from the world and hide in a cave? Well this week was one of those for me.  After going through such turmoil last week, this week I feel scared, tired, yet I know that I want to keep moving forward.

To stay on track, I went back through my many pictures to find inspiration and maybe a little insight to help me through this time.

Mother Nature always comes through.


This week has been a week of snowstorms after snowstorms. We received so much snow, we are breaking records. So, like Mother Nature, I take a deep breath and learn to include my turmoil, fear and fatigue into my process. I’m not saying that I breezed through this week. Far from it. I am getting through it.

This is the week where social media is buzzing with Valentine’s and love and I am not in a space for this commercial need to tell everyone that I love them. I tell them and show them my love constantly. Plus, I’m not in a very festive mood. Everything seems to be labour intensive this week and I won’t bring these feelings into my loving relationships. That is how I consolidate what is taking place outside with my internal reality yet I stay true to myself and respect my way of engaging with it.


Like nature, I am a result of everything that has been part of my journey and I honour my need for space and time during those moments.

Holding space for myself means that I let go of judgement, of my need for perfection, of my expectations and I trust my own inner voice.


Holding space is part of nature’s way of being.

There are no emotions, no judgement, no ego and every aspect of nature is expressed and revealed in a way that is unique to it.

This aids and encourages me to respect myself and hold space for me during a week that is challenging. I find my way again to seeing and knowing that this is happening FOR me and it is beautiful and timely.

How did your week go? Are you going through challenging times? What helps you to get through them?


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