Nature’s Wisdom: Know thyself

In this New Year, I decided to change things around and rename my series.  This new name allows me to write about the clarity that Nature has of herself.

With the start of the new year, I hear that people wish for change, Mother Nature’s wisdom shows us where to start.

For this article, I will be writing about Nature as a representation of all natural plants and animal life and the storm as being external to Nature.

photo 3 (7)

This is the same place. These pictures were taken in different season but they show how Mother Nature survives massive change and transitions.

automne 26-9-2014-Lac Forget5I live in an area where Nature is very present and snow is part of the winter decor and necessary to the local economy. At present Mother Nature is suffering due to very strange weather for this time of year. The past weather patterns are not helpful in predicting the future weather and we are left with uncertainty and hope that things will be ok but Nature still shares her wisdom even in times of change, difficulties and storms.

Nature shows us that a deep knowing of Self can get us through changes, shifts, storms and transition. External components are not of her doing and they come with many aspects: cold, rain, sleet, wind, lightning and more. Like us, Mother Nature is tested in her capacity to ‘Know thyself’

What gets her through these shifts, changes and storms is her deep knowing of who she is, those hidden parts of her identity that hold the secrets that are hers to hold. The external storm doesn’t matter; she needs to reveal the internal ways, her true identity, and her hidden secrets. She doesn’t rely on how she dealt with past storms and transition. She sheds and releases all that is taking away from her capacity to connect to herself and her identity to reveal all that she is. Nature concentrates on her own requirements for growth. She doesn’t get caught in trying to do something that is not hers to do.  So in other words, at the moment Nature puts all her efforts in staying dormant during the Winter months, she puts no effort in trying to grow leaves, or have rivers flowing.

During times of transition, changes and storms, Nature surrenders. Surrendering everything is a display of courage and wisdom. The storm is out of her control; she can do nothing about it but let it pass. By knowing herself and trusting who she is, Mother Nature can reveal her strength and her capacity to adapt and grow through great adversity.

Knowing and trusting that no matter how bad the storm, Nature’s secrets and hidden ways are contained in its core and its capacity to ground itself and weather the ‘storm’. With time and its deep capacity to connect with what is left behind or what survived the transformation, the change or the storm, Nature reveals its true self. She just has to wait, be patient, know and trust herself to recognize the signs of growth that will surface on the other side of this storm.

Like Nature, we contain everything within ourselves, we have genuine possibilities of achieving growth, splendor, expansion and unity if we allow ourselves to gain the clarity of knowing who we are. Living through these external storms only serve to reveal even more the core of who we truly are. We are not our issues; we are the strength that develops from facing what the world puts in our path to revealing who we truly are. Know thyself.

Nicole changed by AllenAbout Nicole Levac:

Nicole is a personal transformation guide. She overcame a background of shame, abuse, poverty and so much more. Her capacity to see her journey as stepping stones to discovering who she is along with her years of study in the world of energy, business and various self help books and online training as well as the years of accompanying her clients has helped her to develop a program that can help you to find who you are underneath all the ‘situations’ that you are facing in your life.  Don’t let the situation define you. Define and Reveal yourself BECAUSE of the situation.

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9 Responses

  1. Nicole Levac says:

    Merci Claude pour ton message. I truly appreciate your support and message. Glad this resonates with you. Happy to see you here <3 <3

  2. What a great and inspiring series! The video about your teenager was very good. Everything that you post, I truly appreciate. Merci bcp !! So nice to see a childhood friend again!! ?

  3. MicheleElys says:

    Nicole, a lovely way of words, truly simplistic and vital to life as nature expresses winding seasons. This is my 1/2 day off – time to catch up with reading and the delete key being overused. Your words were a breath of fresh air coming through my computer. Although we certainly has some lovely time outside in the light snow storm with the Arabians and Sade gathering wood for the stove, your story brought an evening breeze, warm and fulfilling. Thank you ;D Cheers MicheleElys

  4. Penelope says:

    Nicole, you did a great job with showing that nature is a great teacher. We must know when to go, when to pace ourselves, and when to say no. Most importantly, know thyself. The pictures also were a nice touch to fully grasp your message in the article, which made the title change to Nature’s Wisdom, a perfect fit.

  5. Rosemary says:

    Beautiful message. Even the storms have their “raison d’être ” in Nature. The strong winds are necessary to shake the seeds from the trees so that more trees will grow. You’re right. Nature doesn’t fight this. She surrenders with deep knowing that all is as it should be . A good perspective to develop when facing the storms that crop up in our lives.

    Be Well!

  6. Stephanie says:

    Great post Nicole! I agree there is nothing you can do but be patient and ride out a storm. Resistance only takes away your energy.

  7. Wonderful!! It all, nature or ourselves, begins from within. Nature shows us, in her grace and reality, how to simply “be” in each moment. Thank you, Nicole. I absolutely love the new name for the series! Well done!

  8. Jane says:

    There is so much to love about this article. The photos are very telling of how nature changes entirely between seasons. I think my favorite takeaway is “at the moment Nature puts all her efforts in staying dormant during the Winter months, she puts no effort in trying to grow leaves, or have rivers flowing.”
    We also have permission to work within our cycles of being fully on and fully off. Energizing and resting. I love your writing. I find it soothing.

  9. Nicole…this is a fantastic article. I love how you put life into perspective. You are an extraordinary writer and I love the pics you include with your writing. Thank you for sharing your gift. You are awesome my friend.

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