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For the last few weeks, I’ve been sharing how to walk outside to find inspiration while staying balanced.

This week I want to share about the different mindset that I have when I spend time in nature.

Changing mindset.

Going outside doesn’t take very long in a day. Taking advantage of “BEING” outside, for me, is the most important.

I have errands to run, kids to drive around, work to get to, yet each time I step outside, I see a new opportunity to breathe in nature.

Being outside, I am automatically in nature. Even in the city. Every time I go outside, I feel good. It is like taking a bath.

I believe that nature is a physical connection to the Universal Soul, Spirit, God, however, we call that ‘something’.

Nature-Van Gogh beauty

The adventure

While outside, I observe and open up to my child like innocence. Do you remember when going outside was fun and liberating? That is the innocence that I am talking about. As a child, our sense of curiosity and exploration is wide open to new adventures.

So, every walk, drive or outing is about setting out on an adventure, I do this by capturing a bit of nature’s essence through my senses, my feelings or my emotions.

Today, I went outside in the same area that I’ve been walking in for almost 2 years. There doesn’t seem to be anything new. I know the area like the back of my hand, yet today I received more of its beauty, more of its goodness and nourishment. All of this I received because I opened myself up to that. My mindset was all about “BEING” in the moment.

Nature's simplicity Richard-Feynman-1

The senses

I use my senses while walking, leaving the agenda, the have to’s, the things to do, the thoughts, all of those are left behind. I become present during my walk by concentrating on my senses.

My eyes seek for some beauty, some unseen mystery.

My ears are paying attention to the new sounds that are showing up at this time of year.

My breath is slowed down to the rhythm of my walk. Each inhale, fills my lungs with nature’s goodness and vitality. Each exhale releases the worries, the stress, the tensions and the thoughts that could take me away from this very special moment.

I allow myself to feel the warmth of the sun on my body. I feel the cool breeze on my face and I notice and absorb the calm energy that is surrounding me while I’m outside.

Nature's depth-Einstein

All of these little habits have rejuvenated my energy, liberated my body of tensions and stress and freed my mind of draining thoughts.

This lets me come back to my day balanced and focused. These are simple and easy ways to receive all the goodness of “BEING” outside can provide. Try it. Let me know how it has made you feel.

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