Nature’s Wisdom: Motivation

Motivate-minToday as I sit in our new house and life, I find myself needing to get motivated. Often times, when I am tired and stretched by all that is going on, I must find a way to motivate myself to keep going. To find my way around this, I turn to Mother Nature to discover motivation and inspiration.

Although motivation is related to humans’, I found myself wanting to learn about Mother Nature’s general desire to keep growing through all the adversity that she must face. How does she do it? How does she find the motivation or the inspiration to keep going, growing and showing up every day through all the transformations, storms, and whatever else she has to go through?


This is a picture taken in my new yard. We moved from the mountains in the Laurentians, Qc to farmland in the suburbs of Ottawa, Ontario

Mother Nature’s motivation goes hand in hand with every season.  In the Winter, Nature’s motivation goes into a dormant state, so the motivation is to rest and hibernate. Every organism is motivated by their need to be ready for the winter months.  In the Spring, she wakes up, so Nature re-connects with herself after months of hibernation and cold. At this point, the motivation is to feel into this new season. Thawing out, defrosting, melting and warming up to the Spring weather.  In the Summer months, Nature’s motivation is to bloom, flourish and expand. This is motivated by a need to reveal her hidden secrets and her inner beauty to the outer world. The Fall/Autumn is the season when Nature shares her bounty. Her motivation is in liberating herself of all that could prevent her from going into her next phase.

Through all the seasons, Mother Nature has some common characteristics that become evident:

Being present:

Nature’s motivation is in the here and now. The inspiration is in showing up, being present every minute of every day. Nature wastes no time and energy concentrating on results or outcomes. She stays present to herself and for herself through the process. Nature doesn’t try to be in full bloom while she is still under the snow and fighting with the cold that keeps creeping back in her life after a couple of days of sun and warmth.  She is not projecting into the future.

Doing it for herself and being herself:

Nature is motivated by her need to be herself, to express exactly who she is in that moment, while she is having to face whatever is part of her journey.  Mother Nature reveals herself sometimes through survival, sometimes through expansion, growth and change.  She doesn’t collapse under the difficulty of the situation. Her motivation comes from a deep need to express exactly who she is, no matter what situation she has to face. Nature does this all for her own survival and we get to benefit from her being herself. Look at how beautiful she is and how much we get to benefit from it.

Trust and knowing:

There is no controlling Nature, she lives in that zone of trust. There is no need to get attached to results Nature trusts and knows herself.  A tree that can no longer hold it’s branch because it is too heavy, sick or broken, allows it to fall and trusts that what is broken off will fall to the ground and go on with its own journey. That way the tree can keep growing. The field that is flooded because of the melting snow stays dormant until the water has dried and evaporated.  Nature trusts and knows that when the time will be right, it will grow. It doesn’t question itself. It trusts itself and knows that time is on its side.

In Nature we find that motivation is not about finding a reason to keep going when things are already going well; motivation is the general desire and willingness to stay present in the difficult situations while remaining connected to herself.

How do you find your motivation? Have you recognized your own patterns equivalent to Nature’s seasons?(see Nature’s Wisdom: Rhythms) Do you allow yourself to be motivated by what is happening in your life or are you depleting  your energy planning for a far away future? Nature’s Wisdom shows us that motivation is about concentrating on what is happening and the season that is coming. Nature doesn’t waste energy projecting 2-3 seasons ahead.

If you are looking to connect to yourself to find your motivation in your daily life, Nature is one of the many ways that I use to help people connect with themselves.

Nicole changed by Allen

Nicole Levac is a writer and personal transformation guide. Her passion is to help other women that have hidden behind masks to connect with themselves so they can fully participate in their life. She accompanies them through healing, mentoring and helping them to connect with Nature. Discovering that internal diamond allows them to find clarity, energy and vitality and to truly contribute their brilliance in there life.

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6 Responses

  1. admin says:

    Thank you Erdi Gorch fock for the comment and the wish for a great day. I hope you have a great day as well

  2. A nice report, to me likes your side. Have a nice creative day.

  3. admin says:

    Thank you so much Dave. Your point of view is always welcomed and appreciated. I love your ‘take’ or how you describe the key. Taking full ownership of our choices is so empowering and allows us to stay motivated through all that we must face.
    Your wishes are very welcomed.
    In friendship

  4. Dave Moore says:

    Congratulation Nicole on your move. This is again an inspirational post that resonates on so many levels and in so many ways.
    A key point to me is this: “Nature doesn’t try to be in full bloom while she is still under the snow and fighting with the cold that keeps creeping back in her life after a couple of days of sun and warmth.”
    The reason is that Nature isn’t fighting against what she is doing to herself. Not trying to be in full bloom. Under her own Snow and fighting her own cold weather after her own Sun and warmth.
    The key here to me is that we, like nature, accept the changes we make to ourselves and our lives and we adapt to them. We never fight something we impose on ourselves, we go with it.
    We adapt, we flow, we grow.
    Thank you and be happy in your new home, and life.
    Your friend
    Dave Moore

  5. admin says:

    Thank you so much for this comment Johann. I love that this post inspired you. I look forward to connecting soon 😉

  6. Lovely post, dear Nicole!
    I am happy you are settling in in your new house and life. I love how you are seeking guidance through nature, once again. Pain is inevitable. And suffering is an option. I love how through nature’s growth you are allowing everyone to embrace pain as a source of opportunity for us to become more. It feels really easy!
    Great inspiring post!
    Thank you for the opportunity to be inspired by you.

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