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Every year I go and have a nature vacation with my family. This allows me to live away from all the amenities (electricity, running water, internet and even the telephone) to disconnect from society and reconnect with myself.  This time spent living outdoors, close to nature, living and breathing its rhythm is always filled with magic.  I come back nourished, rejuvenated, tired and thankful for my life.

Here are a few pictures of our vacation.

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Being one with nature changes my routine and takes me to a different world.  A place that is filled with richness and different opportunities to allow me to relax, recharge and breath.

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Changing where I spend my time and how I use it, always feeds my body, mind and spirit.

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Exploring these new paths and areas helps me to go beyond my comfort zone.

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This time in nature always offers a great opportunity to reflect on my self and my life. This allows me to be grateful for where I am, what I have, who I share it with and how it shows up in my life.

How do you nourish your Soul, your life and your relationships during your vacation?  Which part of you gets nourished and grounded?

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