Nature’s Wisdom: Noticing

Last week, I shared about Adaptable Hope and stepping into the unknown. This week, to inspire us to face the unknown, I look at how nature can help us to follow that hope into our life.

What is new

Nature’s spring colours are slowly showing up. Spending any amount of time outside, in the presence of nature, I notice what is new in nature. The small buds are now turning to leaves, the early flowers are showing their beauty, and there is a small shift in the greens that are more and more present.

Shifts and transformation

Noticing helps me to see that nature goes through shifts and transformations with each season. This time spent noticing, I see that nature’s transformation is not instantaneous yet it is present.

The unknown

Noticing something in nature that was unseen prior to that moment, confirms to me that I cannot see every step. I can`t imagine everything. What is even better about noticing this in nature, I have proof that it is usually directly in front of me.

Nature has a way of showing me that when I pay attention and look for something new, things start showing up.

Every day that I go outside into nature, I get a confirmation of my limited capacity to have seen everything. I discover something I had yet to see even when I have been driving, walking or going in that same place for quite a while.

Nature’s way confirms to me that I have not seen all the possibilities, I have yet to allow myself to step out of my habits and routines to see something new and unknown.

One of the best ways that I have found to notice in nature is with the photos that I take. Every day I look for something new and different to take a photo of. This has helped me to discover angles, colours, tiny details, and so much more that would otherwise have been left unseen.

Dare to notice what is directly in your path. Share in the comments below what you discover in your daily life that was yet unseen.

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2 Responses

  1. Nicole Levac says:

    You are most welcomed, Tanya. Spring time is such an explosion of growth. Every day reveals something more. It is a great time to be outside to breathe and receive all of that goodness. <3

  2. Tanya says:

    Thanks for the reminder to notice with appreciation instead of expectation. I am in love with all of nature’s growth right now ♡

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