Nature`s Wisdom: Overcoming my fears


This week I find myself dealing with fears.  Yes the things that are happening in the world are very preoccupying. Those changes that are taking place in the world are affecting me. Staying in a forward motion in my life while looking at the world around me can be heavy at times because I feel this need to bring my view, my opinion into this world.

Feeling this need to help and contribute my voice is making a lot of my own fears come up. I am quite comfortable staying hidden and unseen in my daily life. So how do I navigate these fears of being seen and heard/read while sharing my voice?

This movement that is taking place inside of me is helped and supported by learning from nature. She teaches me how life is happening for me and brings this reflection.


Like nature, much of what is taking place externally is only a fraction of what is taking place within. Having to overcome my inner dialogue along with a spectrum of emotions, I dive into sharing my views.

I`m like a deer overcoming its fear of the wolf in order to go graze, play and sleep.  It knows it’s there, roaming around yet the deer settles into itself, trusting its instinct to let it know if and when the danger shows up.


I acknowledge my fears and what I have to overcome, and slowly I do like the sun.  I show up.  Sometimes the sun shines brighter, sometimes we don’t get to see it, yet it shows up.

Nature has shown me to forget about expectations, I can only be myself and show up as who I am.


So regardless of my fears and the size and importance of my message, it is part of my contribution to this world because it carries my voice.  I`m afraid yet nature has always inspired me to step into my life and take the next step.

If you can relate, let’s do this together. Dare to comment and share how you overcome your fears and keep showing up in your life.

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2 Responses

  1. Nicole Levac says:

    Sylvie, <3<3<3, I love that this is helping you to see how you can bring your voice too. Each one of us has a part to play that is so important. It will make a difference where it is needed. Huge hug coming right at you.

  2. Sylvie Savoie says:

    omg!! I love this! I wasn’t feeling the fear (cause I have made an effort to avoid getting pulled in by media and just taking what comes to me through people). Having said that, I see that I can make a difference in this way… not running from reality… just not getting pulled in… and yet feeling compassionate for where everyone is right now… with all this. Thank you Nicole – thank you for being part of the solution… this post was most enlightening… in ways that even I am not fully aware but feel… I really like this new style you are using… the images and words… wow.

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