Nature’s Wisdom: The Picture Series-Regeneration

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Nature`s wisdom shows us how regeneration can support us through shifts and changes that are all around us at this time.

Green is the color of regeneration.  Lets see how nature can inspire us with her beautiful greens!

Decay in beauty

No matter which part of the process it is in, when green shows up, there is still life and hope. This allows for change and adaptation.

Things might not look like they were, but as long as there is life and hope, change is possible.

The Picture Series- vertical 8-2 (1)-min

Time is nature`s weapon and ally.  Over time, Nature survives by regenerating itself consistently, season after season.

Time is our best ally as well, when we learn to recognize that transformation and shifts happen slowly.

The Pic Series 8-2-min

The regeneration makes everything look beautiful and alive.  There are many organisms contributing to creating this beauty.

The Picture Series- vertical 8-3-min

The greens serve as a great backdrop to make all the other colors look even more beautiful.

The regeneration that is taking place might reveal more beautiful colors than what was there in the past.

The color green is everywhere we look in nature. Allow yourself to take a deep breath while you are near a tree, a plant or a flower.  You might receive some much needed energy to help you regenerate while going through shifts and changes.

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