Nature`s Wisdom: The Picture Series – Unity

The pictures series 6-1-min

With everything that has been going on in the world around hatred and differences, I thought that showing how diversity makes nature stronger, more beautiful and unified would be the best message to bring through Nature`s Wisdom.

The Pic Series 6-1-min

The beauty and strength of nature comes from its diversity.  Each singular part is welcomed for its contribution to create the magic of nature that is amazing, nourishing, peaceful and beautiful.

The Picture Series- vertical 6-2 (1)-min

It doesn`t matter what stage nature is at. Each part is welcomed and supported.

The Pic Series 6-2-min

In nature, every little bit brings more magic and beauty even when the sun isn`t shinning.

The Picture Series- vertical 6-3-min

It doesn`t matter how, where, when and why it grows, nature welcomes and adds each one to the whole. Creating unity, beauty, diversity and amalgamation.

This week`s post is a cry for unity & acceptance for our diversity & our differences. If we could learn anything from nature, it`s how each one is necessary at making the whole come together.

We are all a part of Humanity.  Accepting our differences and valuing them would contribute to a better world, more nourishing, accepting and united.

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