Nature`s Wisdom: The Picture Series -Variety

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Nature is all about diversity & variety so that its growth is assured and maintained.

To stay in the same theme as last weeks Unity post, I chose these images to help demonstrate what can be achieved and created by allowing each organism to be part of the whole because of its difference.

The Pic Series 7-2-min

The beauty and serenity of this walk is created by the variety surrounding us.

On the path of life, allowing ourselves to notice the beauty that is created because of such variety might make the journey more enjoyable.

The Picture Series- vertical 7-1 (1)-min

There are all kinds of hidden secrets that are working away at creating themselves. If I had not taken the time to pay attention, I would never have notices this caterpillar.

We are not on the same journey, each one must create its own path.

The Pic Series 7-1-min

The simplicity in the variety creates the beauty.  Let yourself enjoy the beauty of simplicity.

The Pic Series 7-3-min

The variety creates the diversity to maintain the growth, allowing it to face the unknown.

We do not know the future. By coming together in all our differences, we can face it, united.

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