Nature`s Wisdom: The Picture Series – Sunrise & Sunset

The pictures series (2)-min

A picture is worth a thousand words

I hope these pictures will speak to you 🙂

The Pic Series 2-1-min

Perspective! Is this a sunset or a sunrise? It depends on who is looking at it and from where in the world. Remember that, when you are looking at situations in your life. Maybe a different perspective can help you see things in a whole new light.

The Pic Series 2-2-min (1)

Sometimes the most beautiful things are right in our own yards.  Take a look at your life and notice the beauty held in those special hidden places.

The Pic Series 2-3-min

Sometimes stirring up a quiet moment makes everything come alive!

The Pic Series 2-4-min

Deep breaths and open spaces can allow for all kinds of possibilities and opportunities.  Dare to trust yourself.

The Pic Series 2-5-min

Sometimes turning our gaze in another direction reveals a whole new facet of a situation.

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