Nature’s Wisdom: Possibilities

Possibilities-minJust before setting out for my walk in Nature, I looked at a post about possibilities and this became the inspiration to receive Nature’s Wisdom.

As I move through massive shifts and change in my life, business and personal, I’m connecting with all the possibilities that are opening up for me. To guide me through these challenging and exhausting times, I turn to Mother Nature. She is always full of wisdom to help me stay true to myself in these times.

The death of this tree stump nourishing the next cycle of growth in Nature.

The death of this tree stump nourishing the next cycle of growth in Nature.

Nature teaches us about possibilities very differently than what we have learned in our daily lives. She lives in the world of possibilities.  The possibilities are not always upwards, they come in all shapes, sizes and directions and they are limitless.

Nature’s growth, survival and transformation takes place in 5 steps of the cycle mentioned in my article of Lessons from Nature-Allowing 

  • Death/Rest,
  • Decay/decomposition
  • fertilization/sustaining
  • gestation/development
  • rebirth/growth

The possibilities are ever present in each and every one of those steps. Nature is not bound by results and goals of her process. She seeks to fulfill her purpose of survival, growth and transformation.

If Mother Nature would be weighed down by the loss she must go through in some of the steps, she would never make it to the next season to reveal her possibilities. Every step of her process brings some new possibilities that would never have been present if the plant had not gone through the previous step.

Let’s take a flower as an example. In the Fall, the plant dies, going into the next phase of her cycle. That flower is being present to the possibilities available to it, at that moment.  If the flower is in an area that has four seasons, the possibilities in winter are of resting and decaying.  So, she steps into that phase and allows it to take form.  Then with time, the possibilities of each and every cycle that the flower goes through is revealed. The flower looks very different from one cycle to the next and the movement created by each cycle allows the flower to transform itself into its next possibility.

From the resting and the decaying period, comes the thaw of the spring. This season opens up to other possibilities that were not available until then. It allows the fertilization and the gestation of the flower to take place. There are possibilities in each and every cycle that she goes through. Some cycles look very bleak and as if all is lost but Nature steps into her potential and looks for the possibilities available at this time.

Nature never gives ups, she just finds other ways to express who she is in her possibilities. Mother Nature looks at the potential being held in the next phase and she digs out the possibilities to reveal the next phase with time. It’s a process through a cycle.

The old oak tree is not at the same level as the flower when faced with the same seasons. Each one living their possibilities with where they are at, with who they are. That is the beauty and Wisdom of Nature showing us how to live our own possibilities.

If we allow ourselves to notice our own possibilities held within different levels of our lives, like Mother Nature, we could step into them to realize our own potential, to embrace all that is offered to us.

Are you at a point in your life where you are looking at revealing your possibilities? Are you being drawn to spend more time in Nature to connect with yourself? If you would like to discuss how Nature could help you to gain some clarity and remove masks that are draining your energy and stopping you from stepping into your possibilities, reach out to me at we can have a discussion to see if we are a fit.


Nicole changed by AllenNicole Levac is a personal transformation guide. She discovered this passion though her own journey of personal transformation. Now her passion is to help all those other women that have hidden behind masks, feeling like there is more to who they are but aren’t really clear where to start. She accompanies them through some healing, mentoring and connecting with Nature helping them to discover and reveal their own inner brilliance. Discovering that internal diamond allows them to find clarity, energy and vitality and to truly contribute their brilliance in there life.

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  2. Beautifully written Nicole!!!!!!!! Such an amazing connection between nature and our daily life. I love everything you are doing. Thank you for all you do!

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