Nature’s Wisdom: Receiving Walk


Another season is on its way yet we still have a wide range of fluctuation in our weather. One day we see the sun and everything melts away, the next day, we have a snow storm that brings with it all the snow that was gone.

This time of year has moments where I feel exhausted and frustrated as it feels like a period of stagnation. To help me cope with this, I make sure to go outside and spend time in nature.

On days where stress and fatigue are present, I don’t go outside to take I walk, I go to receive from my walk.

I believe that nature is our physical connection to the Universal Soul. Going out to spend time in nature, reinforces my connection to myself and allows me to receive nature’s gifts.

Open up to receive:

At the start of each walk, I open myself up to receiving what is mine to receive. This also opens me up to the unknown.

Here is one lesson that I received during one of these walks last week.



Observing nature, I start noticing that nothing is growing yet everything is getting ready. The frost is slowly leaving the ground. The weather is fluctuating but the temperature is slowly rising. Things are moving in their own progression.

What might be perceived as stagnation is the preparation for a process that is happening and taking place away from the visible world. All the elements are joining together to help and aid the process of change of season, from winter to spring. There is no rushing into this new life.


The excitement of spring can be felt, yet for nature to grow out of the snow, each step must be taken. The messy parts of the growth are celebrated because every day brings a little more proof of the external arrival of spring.

The message:

The message that I come away with during this walk is that things show up when they are meant to. When I follow my own rhythm, I have trust and faith that the process is taking place even when it is invisible to my eyes.

Although I would love for things to go faster, nature reminds me that everything takes time yet it takes place and emerges out of the unseen.


After this walk, I am filled with hope that I am on the right path even if nothing is visible to others. The inspiration that I see when out in nature, shows me that patience and time allow for things to transform. Things show up when they are meant to. This is true for nature and for me.

I have received this great wisdom, this inspiring example of what it is to be on my journey. All of this comes from taking some time for myself outside with nature. Do you go outside and listen to what you could receive from a bit of time in nature?

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