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As we go through adjustment, redirection, and clarifications of our goals, dreams and purpose, we tend to want to provoke things and control outcomes before they are ready to reveal themselves. Notice that we have rhythms and patterns to our growth and transformation like Nature.

Spring- this is a photo I took in the Spring of 2014 while going out for a walk around a local lake.

Spring- this is a photo I took in the Spring of 2014 while going out for a walk around a local lake.

Mother Nature’s rhythm is that pattern that is regularly repeated to achieve change, growth and fulfill her purpose. The effects of that pattern or of that rhythm changes from one year to the other but the rhythm is always repeated and present.

Like all growing transformations in Nature, the rhythms can be learned through different venues but in this article, I’ll use the four seasons: Spring, Summer, Fall (Autumn) and Winter as the example. Living in an area that has 4 distinct seasons, I witness how Nature adapts, adjusts, clarifies and redirects herself by respecting her rhythms.

Summer-I found this photo online

Summer-I found this photo online

Each season is part of the cycle necessary to Mother Nature’s growth.  All the seasons contribute to some part of the cycle to keep the rhythm of growth going and stay connected to its purpose.

In the spring, we find the cycle of emergence and of washing away. This is the season that allows Nature to shed her old skins that have served her in surviving the winter.  This is also when she uncovers, unearths and exposes her precious miracle of life and mystery that is still vulnerable and delicate.

Fall-I took this picture while going apple picking in with my daughters in 2013

Fall-I took this picture while going apple picking in St-Joseph du Lac, Quebec with my daughters in 2013

Then we get to the summer, that season when everything flourishes and opens up. We witness beauty, warmth and evident growth. This is the season that ‘looks’ good to our human eyes. It is also the season of freedom and where every part of Nature is set free to grow, transform and expand.

The fall is when Nature releases what she will not need. It’s the season where Mother Nature shares in her harvest. The abundance and fruition of the previous cycles is shared and enjoyed so that she can let go of all that she no longer requires to step into the next cycle.

winter- this is a picture I took in my back yard while going out for a snowshoe run

winter- this is a picture I took in my back yard while going out for a snowshoe run

Winter is the season that has the worst reputation but also the season that allows Nature to rest, regroup and hibernate to recover before re-starting her rhythm of growth. This season is a necessary step to her rhythm since growth cannot be achieved without rest.

Like the seasons, we go through similar cycles and rhythms of growth in our lives. They might not be in the same order as Nature but we have a rhythm that repeats itself when we are changing, transforming, growing and evolving. Allow yourself to be aware of your rhythm.

What Nature’s rhythms also teach us is that surrender is an action necessary to achieving her purpose. Every season must surrender to the next but also to its own cycle of growth within that season. This surrender allows Nature to know how and when to grow, to rest, to cleanse, to shed and transform into her next level.

Nature shows us that rhythms are not controlled. They create the movement.  Rhythms can be quick or slow and the movement created in the rhythm brings a gradual development and a steady progress. The transition and shift finally happens. Nature keeps being present and never gives up, she is steadfast. Its rhythms are anchored in patience, clarity and perseverance.

As in Nature, surrender is part of our own transformation, transition or growth. By staying focused, consistent and determined in our purpose, things will develop and progress.

Noticing what our personal rhythm of growth looks like requires that we be objective. The next time you find yourself frustrated by things not happening, not evolving or not emerging as planned, allow yourself to notice if you have jumped a necessary part of your own rhythm.  If you are having trouble recognizing your patterns and rhythms and would love some clarity and support so that you can navigate better through them, reach out to me at  we can have a discussion to see if we are a fit.

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Transformation guide, writer, healer, Nature lover – Nicole’s passion is to help people that have hidden behind masks to connect with themselves and their Soul.  Discovering that internal diamond allows them to find clarity, energy, vitality and genuinely contribute their brilliance to their life.  She accompanies them through individual healing, mentoring and coaching.

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  1. admin says:

    Thank you and so true Debra, Nature always seems to be taken for granted and seen as being separate from us. We are part of it and it is part of us. The more we connect with Nature, the more we connect with ourselves. It becomes a deeper connection with the whole.

  2. This is excellent Nicole. A life is all about rhythm and cycles. Many see themselves separate from Mother Nature, but at the end of the day, we are just part of the Universal cycle of Oneness. It’s a beautiful thing.

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