Nature’s Wisdom: Shifting my perspective


Ok, this week things are shifting in my life, I have to admit. I made a choice to change certain things that I was not happy with in my life. Making that decision was the first step but now I have to live with the consequences of my choice.

Yes, this choice is going to propel me forward into a better version of myself, yet I still have to get through this time. Meeting my fears, overcoming my urge to go back to what has been comfortable, trusting that taking these small steps will shape a better version of my life.  

Nature’s Wisdom is always serving me with great lessons to support me through whatever I have to deal with in my daily life.


I started looking at my life with a different perspective. My life still looks the same from the outside yet a shift in how I see it and what I look for during my day has created a different energy and a different outlook.


The same view can reveal a different feeling, which comes from the different circumstances that surround it.

Like those 2 pictures of the sunrise, they were taken at the same place at different times of the year. Both are of the same thing yet each one revealing a different energy and view. Making a small adjustment in how I look at my life and what I see has allowed me to switch my energy and focus.

The problems and stress are still present yet they are no longer the main focus. That in itself is a major win for me. Getting caught in the problems and stuck in the stress has never served me. Staying positive that it would change and that time would fix it has not yielded a different outcome. So it’s like that quote from Einstein:

Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

I always understood that quote and it made perfect sense to me yet I kept feeding my fears and my stress rather than shift my perspective.

Well thanks to Mother Nature and lots of online inspiration, I have been shifting my attention.


Although I am both the yin and the yang, the positive and the negative, the light and the dark, choosing to focus on what I look at and where I put my energy has definitely been a journey. Acknowledging both sides now, I choose to put my energy on the side that feeds my soul. Learning to love myself for who I am, where I am and how I am in every moment is not always possible yet I allow myself to learn and practice. To love myself through this process.

Since staying focused on this shift, so much amazing things have shown up in my life. It’s a confirmation that I am on the right track. Although the problems and stresses are not gone, they do not need to be fed. I can feed something much more beneficial to my life and well being.

That is the latest lesson I am introducing into my life and learning to recognize that this journey is happening for me, with the help of Mother Nature.

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2 Responses

  1. Nicole Levac says:

    Thank you Debra <3 I've finally figured out a way to share my love of photography and my love of sharing my Nature's Wisdom. I truly appreciate and value your support and comments. Mother Earth is definitely our greatest teacher. xox

  2. Thank you Nicole for sharing your changing perspective on life. The photos are perfect and show the many faces of our greatest teacher – Mother Earth. xox

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