Nature’s Wisdom: Shifting


Copy of Nature`s Wisdom- Title page (1)While I am allowing myself some downtime to respect my need for grieving, I thought I would revisit this post on what a shift is and how I see it through Nature`s Wisdom.

A shift can be so many things, a switch, fluctuation, change, conversion, deviation, move, drift, shuffle, transfer, turn, veer, rearrange and alter. Those are but a few of the things that take place in nature and that I am installing in my life this year.

Nature’s ability to shift based on those synonyms is evident. It`s capacity to shift completely into something new is apparent and yet nature still grows, persists, prospers, survives and evolves.

That is my inspiration for this year as I shift into the next phase of my life to get my book out there.

Here are 3 things that we can use in our daily life that Nature goes through to allow her to step into these shifts.

Being present:

Nature’s shifts take place because she turns up for herself to face whatever manifests in her journey. She stays present every minute of every day. It could be having to face the varying weather, the changes of seasons, rearranging of the landscapes, no matter what happens, Nature is always ‘here and now’ for herself. She does not project into the future.

Nature wastes no time and energy aiming at results or outcomes even when she is creating the steps towards a specific outcome. She stays present to and for herself through the process. Nature doesn’t try to be more than what she is at that moment.

I`ll give you an example: the squirrel spends the entire summer gathering a reserve for the coming winter. It`s readying itself for the future yet this squirrel is being present by doing who and what it is meant for. The squirrel puts no energy whatsoever in what this future might be, when it will happen, what it will be like. It just keeps gathering, preparing and takes advantage of the present moment to create something for a possible future.

We could learn so much from nature about staying present for ourselves on our own journey while having to face whatever takes place in our life. Allowing us to create the shifts that are necessary for our own personal growth and transformation.


Nature expresses exactly who she is in that moment, while she is having to face whatever is part of her journey. She reveals her tenacity to herself and her journey through survival, loss, expansion, growth, shifts and changes. She doesn’t collapse under the difficulty of the situation.

Nature’s need for growth is for herself, for her survival and because of who she is, we get to benefit from her self-expression.

Learning to persist, persevere and stay determined during our own shifts and change is not for the faint of heart. Taking a bit of inspiration from nature`s tenacity might help us to find the determination and courage to get through one more day, exactly like nature.


Time is Nature`s weapon and ally.

The shifts that take place in nature are a succession of moments that form the tiniest of shifts and change over time. If you have ever seen those fast motion films that show flowers blooming, days changing into night, a caterpillar`s metamorphosis into a butterfly, you have seen how nature and time work together.

Making time our ally means that we don`t control the when, the how, the what of any situation. All we control is ourselves. We must allow ourselves the incremental shifts that take place when we keep showing up and being present in our own quest.

Nature`s mastery of time shows us that all shifts are possible when we turn up as our self and commit to our journey.
Nature IS and when the time will be right, she will grow. She doesn’t question this. It’s a fact of who she is. Mother Nature knows that time is on her side.

Nature doesn`t grow to please others, she honors who she is by allowing all that she is to show up everywhere she touches. Look at how beautiful she is and how much we get to benefit from it. Imagine having this much courage, tenacity, determination, persistence and perseverance in your life. Wouldn`t that create a shift if you took a bit of Nature`s Wisdom and applied it to your life?

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2 Responses

  1. Nicole Levac says:

    Thank you so much Jane. Like I always say, I understand myself and life through the wisdom of nature. I’m just sharing the wisdom that I am being taught. Glad you resonated with it. <3
    Nicole 🙂

  2. Jane says:

    I love the way you condense this truth of life into being present, tenacity, and time. That really is the course through life’s journey.

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