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I have mentioned before that we have moved to a new area. This move is allowing a fresh start and a new life to unfold and take shape each and everyday. In my business, this is taking the shape of a rebranding and creating a new look for my online presence. (you’ll see the look and feel of my blog evolve in the next few weeks, the current look is the direction I’m heading in )The inspiration for this week’s blog post comes from this place.

Here we see the beginning of the growth of the leaves. Notice they start red.

Here we see the beginning of the growth of the leaves. Notice they start red.

Nature’s Wisdom in the Spring season is generous and varied. The Spring is when we see transformations being born and we get to witness Nature rise like a phoenix from her ashes.  It all seems to take place magically.  Each and every step in Nature is a result of a previous outcome. Nothing happens overnight, each step is built on the previous one. Nature’s external growth takes place while solidifying and strengthening the foundation from which she grows .

Although it is a beautiful process to witness, we forget how constant and committed Mother Nature is to each and every little detail of her development. She must stay present throughout the opening of the leaves, through the growth of the plants and the return of the animals. Mother Nature is unrelenting, totally dedicated to creating this new season by truly connecting to her foundations, her roots and her purpose of growth and transformation.

A lot still remains to be done for Nature to truly reveal all its concealed beauty.  Nature is in a vulnerable state in the Spring time because she is growing and transforming.  Nothing is acquired, the growth is not assured, the warm sun encourages the growth but one night of frost and all could be lost. Nature puts all her energy on the possibilities that are present, in the moment that the situations happen. She never takes the warmth for granted; she just puts all her energy in her process of growth while the opportunity shows up. Nature commits herself to her journey towards her Spring look and feel. Wasting no energy on what could happen or what might happen. Being completely invested in the present moment.


Nature growing out of her Winter skin and into her Spring colors

The beauty of Nature is created and revealed one step at a time.

There is no time to waste shedding or cleansing the past. Nature moves away from her Winter skin by allowing herself to create her new jacket, her new look from where she is today, in this very moment.  The perfection is in the creation and the timing.  Mother Nature doesn’t try to grow or transform, she just allows herself to grow and be herself from the space and the place that she is in.  She trusts herself through this process of transformation and knows that her strength comes from the constant collaboration of the various organisms and elements. All coming together during this transformational season called Spring.

Are you going through a process that is demanding?  Do you expect things to happen by some miracle? Do you run out of patience with yourself during these times? Know that you are not alone.  Reaching out for external help can sometimes offer you the quickest way out.  Find the support that you need to help you get through your Spring season and trust that your inner beauty will be revealed one step at a time. There are all kinds of support available, find the one that is right for you.  Nature never faces the seasons alone, she creates collaborations with the plants, the animals, the weather, the elements, all of these joined together become her strength and this is what creates the transformation and growth.


You can also see the video I did on Spring on my YouTube channel

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