Nature’s Wisdom: The Journey

The Journey-min (1)I was listening to a hangout last week in which there was a very rich discussion that inspired this post.( this is the hangout link: )

We hear so much about finding our path and moving towards our passion and finding our life’s direction; what can we learn from Nature in this matter?

Nature is influenced by all kinds of elements, situation and other external factors that she has no control over and yet she still grows and she stays present.  How can she adapt to these and how do they affect her direction and her journey?  These are the questions that I started with.

I took this picture in my back yard. We can witness here Nature`s capacity to keep things hidden until they are ready to reveal themselves. Nature is on a Journey too.

I took this picture in my back yard. We can witness here Nature`s capacity to keep things hidden until they are ready to reveal themselves. Nature is on a Journey too.

Setting off during my walks, I started paying attention to see, hear and understand what Nature(in this case, the forest) was doing to stay true to who she is while having to compose with all these external influencers that are usually not positive.

Nature has been through a lot but she always seems to survive, grow and thrive through time.  What is her hidden secret? There is an essence that is present in Nature that reveals so much knowledge about life and its journey. How can we apply this knowledge and this essence to our lives?

Nature is quite a survivor and she has faced a lot of adversity. She has had to grow and transform, to adapt and restore.  Nature’s growth comes from being able to survive, hidden and often times dormant in the earth.  The direction of her growth often looks like it is upwards but we sometimes forget that everything we see is held, supported and nourished by its roots, by something being connected to the earth.  The growth doesn’t just happen in one direction. It is multi-directional.  What we witness when we go for a walk is a small portion of what is really happening in Nature.

The growth that takes place externally in Nature is supported by a growth, nourishment, strengthening of the roots that are held underneath the earth, out of eye sight. The strength that is created underneath the surface comes from Nature’s need to grow and collaborate with the journey it is on.  The roots of the various organisms intertwine; the rocks and stones are integrated in this hidden growth, the earth moves when the roots push through. The water comes to play its part. The sun warms the earth and the air helps to dry up the land and transport the seeds. A great deal must take place underneath the earth for the external beauty to grow. This is where Mother Nature finds her strength to keep growing. The potential and possibilities are held in seeds, in roots, hidden from our eyes and kept for Nature to reveal when she is ready, when the elements, the situation and the time is right.

The direction that Nature takes is based on various agents that can slow her down, prevent her from growing or allow things to grow.  Nature holds on to what is hidden from our eyes underneath the earth.  This is where all of her secrets lie, where she holds onto different parts of herself to allow them to emerge when the time will be right, when the conditions will offer the possibilities and when the elements to allow the growth to happen will show up.  Although Nature keeps everything hidden, lots can be created from one single seed when all the right factors show up.

The whole that is Nature is a collective union of individual organisms participating and joining each of their strengths to create something together.  Nature is all about unity, every part that we see comes from each organism being present for themselves so that they can be present for the whole and create the direction, the path and the journey of Nature.

When you find yourself in a situation that changes the external view of your life, remember that all you need is held internally, hidden away, waiting for the right time and the proper conditions to reveal what is hidden inside of you.

Trust that all you need is already there. Allow time, the conditions and the situations to guide you towards your journey.  If you find that you don’t know how to do that, reach out to guides or mentors to support you on this journey.


Nicole changed by AllenTransformation guide, writer, healer, Nature lover – Nicole’s passion is to help people that have hidden behind masks to connect with themselves and their Soul.  Discovering that internal diamond allows them to find clarity, energy, vitality and genuinely contribute their brilliance to their life.  She accompanies them through individual healing, mentoring and coaching.

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  1. admin says:

    Such a great statement Debra Oakland. We are all connected and in the journey together. Nature is a support to find our internal courage, if we should wish 😉
    Thank you for the comment and the <3 😀

  2. I like what you say about Nature being a survivor in the face of adversity. We humans in the face of challenges have courage within ourselves, if we wish to call upon it. Our roots are strong, connected to Mother Earth. As we grow and expand, hopefully we realize that the Oneness, Unity and Grace in ourselves and our connection to all that is, will guide us on our journey.

  1. July 2, 2015

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