Nature’s Wisdom: The question

The Question-minThis week I was a guest in a Hangout on Air and the guests participate in an exercise in which we get asked ‘Who are you?’ followed by 3 ‘why?’ This is the base of the inspiration for this week’s Nature’s Wisdom.

IMG_0027As I was thinking of how to answer these questions, I went snowshoeing and listened to Mother Nature’s Wisdom. By listening I’m able to receive her knowledge which helps me to understand Nature’s point of view.

Nature doesn’t change who she is because of what she goes through. She evolves into a new part of herself, always staying true to who she is.  She adapts to the area, the weather, the ground, the seasons, but she is always true to who she is. Why? Because SHE IS. Nature is the ultimate example of the I AM.

It doesn't matter which phase of evolution it's in, Nature is always Nature.

It doesn’t matter which phase of evolution it’s in, Nature is always Nature.

Mother Nature lives in acceptance of that spectrum between the known and the unknown. This spectrum is where she emerges, grows and reveals herself into that next phase of herself.

Nature is always Nature even when it is growing and evolving.  She is in constant evolution into the next phase of herself, phases that are unknown to her. Allowing that phase to emerge into its full potential is the best example of the spectrum of the known and the unknown. I’ll use an acorn as an example. The acorn that germinates or not. If there is no germination, this will bring the acorn onto a different cycle all within the spectrum of its potential. So the acorn decays into the forest floor or becomes food for small animals and from there it is unknown how else the full potential of that acorn is still contributing to Nature. If it germinates than it becomes a sprout, than a sapling right up to maturity. From there the flowering happens than the pollination that bring the seed and the cycle starts over again but never from the same place.

What Nature shows us is that the growth that we see is the result of the internal expansion from the complete acceptance of the known and the unknown. The acorn does not know which path it will be on. It keeps going with what it is dealt. When it evolves into a tree, it allows the growth of its roots to get bigger, stronger and go deeper into the soil as the diameter of its trunk adapts to the transformation.  If it does not germinate, the acorn is just as important, but not as visible to our eyes. Growing into and emerging to reveal Nature’s potential is who Mother Nature remains.

When Nature goes through these evolutions of herself, she is still Nature. She is just evolving and transforming into the next phase of herself. Mother Nature is a sum of all her parts. It doesn’t matter which path the acorn is on, it remains true to its nature and lives the spectrum that it has been dealt.

The next time you face a transition or that question of: Who are you? Allow yourself to evolve into that new part of yourself. Don’t get caught in the emotions, recognize them, accept them and release them so that you can BE, then allow the new part to emerge, to grow and to reveal itself to you. You are always You, just an evolved version of what was there before. Exactly like Nature.

Nicole changed by AllenNicole Levac is a personal transformation guide. She discovered this passion though her own journey of personal transformation. Now her passion is to help all those other women that have hidden behind masks, feeling like there is more to who they are but aren’t really clear where to start. She accompanies them through some healing, coaching and mentoring to discover and reveal their own inner brilliance. Helping them discover that internal diamond allows them to find clarity, energy and vitality and to truly contribute their brilliance in there life.




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5 Responses

  1. admin says:

    Great reflection Amber-Lee, patience and courage to wait through the cold, the pain, the thaw. Those are the times when we seem to be the hardest on ourselves but they should be times when we allow this space to BE. Waiting does not make us inactive, the activities take place in the unknown.

  2. admin says:

    Thank you so much Katrina, it was a powerful exercise and since I love to dig in 🙂 it did give me an opportunity to learn something about myself and from Nature.

  3. Katrina says:

    I love how much you got out of this experience! I wonder how much more powerful and in the flow we would all feel if we asked ourselves this question ” Who Am I?” more often and in various situations – just to see if it changes. Again, I love how you dive in to a topic and dig around – it’s one of my favorite things about you! Great post about the power of transition and how reaching to new levels makes us more of who we already are while at the same time expanding us into something more. Love it!

  4. Nature is who she is – regardless of circumstances. The acceptance of constant change around us (and within us) and still showing up requires perseverance. Even when Nature becomes beaten down, and almost lost all it takes is one seed – one opportunity – for regrowth! Thank you for sharing Nicole!

  5. Aha!
    Let us also remember what She reminds us, Nicole, what She is… now, during the winter ~ and in ourselves, when we are overwhelmed or in pain, emotionally, spiritually or physically… we may need to simply wait. Wait until the sun comes again… wait until we begin to thaw and grow again.

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