Nature’s Wisdom: Transformation

Transformation-minBeing in the middle of a move presently, I’m reminded of Nature’s ability to transform.

Nature has mastered transformations from endings to new beginnings.  How can Mother Nature be in constant transformation while creating and growing through all of this? How does she do it?

IMG_1492IMG_1275Nature survives and persists through great change and transformation. Nature’s Wisdom shows us that no energy is wasted dwelling on what is perceived as hurtful, harmful, painful or past.  Nature keeps growing, changing and transforming because it puts no energy in looking back.  What is in the past is part of and integrated into who and what Nature is. Moving forward or towards a transformation means that the form is not yet revealed, it’s the unknown, the possibilities, the potential and yes, the adventure.

There are 5 different stages that Nature goes through that allow her to step into these transformations.  These steps maintain Nature in the present moment. Although they might appear to bring with them loss or destruction of the life that Nature has known, they are only part of a transformation towards something else.

Here are the 5 different stages:


Nature faces the truth about the situation or circumstance that it is going through. This awareness makes the situation real and true. Pretending that this situation is temporary or non-existent will do nothing to help the transformation and the capacity to adapt to this new form. I’ll use the example of the cold that keeps delaying the Spring from happening in our area. Nature has to deal with unusual cold weather for this time but it can only recognize and face that this is happening.

Accept/take a stand :

Nature undergoes the transformation without protest. Refusing to accept this transformation will cause it more pain, distress and loss. Accepting that this situation is real will enable Nature to go onto the next stage. Staying with the example of the unusual cold again, Nature can only accept what is happening and stay in her Winter state during this time because she cannot start growing into her Spring coat.

Surpass/exceed the previous situation/get beyond:

This is the stage where Nature becomes stronger than what it is going through allowing it to gain strength and slowly grow and survive. It is also where Nature gets beyond the loss and pain of the transformation. This is where Nature shows up for herself, never giving up on herself. No matter what situation is part of its journey, Mother Nature always stays committed to who she is and to creating her new form. So no matter how cold it gets, as soon as the sun points itself and the weather is a bit warmer, we see Nature slowly waking up. The snow melts, the lakes and rivers are thawing, the birds are singing, the buds start showing up and the transformation of Nature is going through the steps slowly revealing her Spring colors.

Integrate/unite/harmonize with the environment

This is the stage where the new form starts to unite with the old. This is marked by time and Mother Nature combines the old form with the new beginning. Amplifying and multiplying its efforts to let the new beginning take shape. This enables the growth, the survival and the transformation that comes from having integrated the end of a part of its life to the beginning of the next phase. After the Winter months, Nature has suffered broken branches, floods in areas that use to be dry, holes left in the ground by small animals digging into the earth to hibernate. Nature learns to integrate and blend the new landscape with its past form creating a harmonized environment.


This is the metamorphosis of Nature. The new forest that grows where there was 4 feet of snow, the flowers coming out of the earth and Nature burgeons and blossoms. It’s a total transformation from the previous form that was present in the Winter months. The capacity that Nature has to transform herself completely from one season to the other always amazes me.

Nature does not dwell on the past or the end of something. Nature goes through the stages that enable it to survive, transform and grow. This allows it to thrive through constant change, transformation and evolution. This is the wisdom that Nature can share with us.

So the next time you find yourself living through a transformation, ask yourself if you are allowing time to help you get through it?  Transformations always happen, if we allow ourselves to live each step while it is happening, we will get to our next level. Are you allowing the unknown to reveal itself or are you trying to determine the outcome before hand?  Nature always allows for the unknown to be part of its transformation.  That is what makes Nature so beautiful.

Nicole changed by AllenNicole Levac is a personal transformation guide. She discovered this passion through her own journey of personal transformation. Now her passion is to help other women that have hidden behind masks, feeling like there is more to who they are but aren’t really clear why they still feel this way. She accompanies them through some healing, mentoring and connecting with Nature helping them to discover and reveal their own inner brilliance. Discovering that internal diamond allows them to find clarity, energy and vitality and to truly contribute their brilliance in there life.

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