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This photo was taken directly from my house. This is overlooking a field that has just melted. Photo taken April 4th/2015

This photo was taken directly from my house. This is overlooking a field that has just melted. Photo taken April 4th/2015

This is a photo taken on April 6th/2015 directly from my balcony, overlooking the same field. Notice how the 'lake' has been absorbed.

This is a photo taken on April 6th/2015 directly from my balcony, overlooking the same field. Notice how the ‘lake’ has been absorbed.

Spring has been here on the calendar since March but we have yet to see anything spring out of the ground (We still have snow in some places and we still get days of winter chill). As I hear more and more people talk about how long it is taking for Spring to get here, I found this week’s inspiration for my post.

The state of transition is that place in between, it’s the unknown.  This can often leave people feeling uncomfortable. It’s a place that creates movement or is in movement and it gets us from one space or situation to another. Nature is a master at transitions. What could we learn from Nature’s Wisdom on this subject?

Mother Nature has 2 full seasons of transitions called Spring and Fall.  In the Spring, Nature is left bare, raw and vulnerable during the melting and thawing of her Winter coat. Leaving her beautiful white coat behind to transform herself in her luxurious greens of the Summer. The time of transition is often seen as long and ugly to our eyes but they are necessary to Mother Nature’s survival, beauty and transformation.  The transition period allows for the preparation that is required for this metamorphosis to take place.

Mother Nature has learned to be patient with herself and with the different situations she must face during the Spring.  She connects to herself through her roots and deep into the earth to get her through these transition periods.  She doesn’t rush anything. She surrenders herself to the situation and adapts to what comes her way.  The transition is part of the journey to her Summer season and all the steps must take place. Nature will be messy, wet, dark and cold.  Waking up from her dormant state requires time, commitment and dedication. Nature never gives up through all her journey of transition. They are just another part of her journey to revealing her inner beauty to the outer world.

Impulses for fast progress and growth are not possible since she has to absorb all that is left behind by the Winter months.   What we might see as delays are truly beneficial to Nature’s growth.  The result of this slow transition allows for all the internal preparation that must take place before the quickening of her growth and development can take place.

Since the transformation between Winter and Summer is so extraordinary the seasons in between are often forgotten or cursed at. Nature’s whole appearance gets transformed and goes through a complete makeover within the lapse of a few weeks due to this period of transition.

The bigger the transformation the deeper rooted Nature gets.

Nature doesn’t get caught up in the amount of time it takes between the transformations, she stays present to her time of transition. She roots herself even deeper to face what is happening, allowing herself to be present throughout the transition period.

Mother Nature puts no energy in projecting herself into the future, she trust and surrenders herself to the pull and draw she feels towards growing into this new season.  Every day, the ground and trees thaw, the earth absorbs a bit more water, the birds are migrating back and we finally notice the beauty. This shows up because Mother Nature went through her transition with patience, dedication and commitment to her growth and transformation.

During times of change and transformation, especially huge makeovers of our lives, the transition period is a necessary road to travel. Remember that for Nature to go through such a huge metamorphosis from her Winter colors to her Summer beauty, she allows herself to be present and to enjoy the season of transition.

Which part of a transition do you hate, love, never bother with? I would love to hear how you deal with transitions.


Nicole changed by AllenTransformation guide, writer, healer, Nature lover – Nicole’s passion is to help people that have hidden behind masks to connect with themselves and their Soul.  Discovering that internal diamond allows them to find clarity, energy, vitality and genuinely contribute their brilliance to their life.  She accompanies them through individual healing, mentoring and coaching.



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4 Responses

  1. admin says:

    That is such a true comment Dave. We can wonder but Nature has been around much longer than we have. We can try to ‘tell’ her what to do and how but in the end, she is the Sage and Wise one. 🙂
    Again thank you for your comment Dave.

  2. Dave Moore says:

    Very nice Nicole. A complete detailed analysis of the seasons and also the hidden power of Nature. It always amazes me that we, as humans, determine when the seasons start but Nature takes no notice whatsoever and just changes when it is ready. It makes one wonder who is in charge of the planet, and if we think it is us, we are only fooling ourselves.

  3. admin says:

    Yes David, That makes perfect sense. I guess it depends on where we live, here we have different seasons within the same hour sometimes.:)
    For me, even when staying present in the moment, there are times of transition that bring me from one state to another. Like this moving from one province to another that just took place in my life. I was present throughout the process and the transition is going smoother that way for sure. I still have to transition from one ‘form’ to my other ‘form’ Hope this makes sense. 😉

  4. To me, the 4 seasons are defined and strong on their own and — at least in my thinking — Spring and Fall are not defined by their transition to Summer & Winter. At least I never thought about that. Now in terms of my life, maybe it is the same thing. As long as I am present in the moment, the transition doesn’t exist. A “Spring” in my body or environment is no more transition than turning on a light by flipping a switch. And my responsibility is to be present or mindful of what is going on right now, independent of future or past. The light is on — the “Spring” is on. Does that make sense?

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