Nature’s Wisdom: Trusting the Process

Have you ever come to a point in your life where you are going into totally unknown territory? You know you want to step up and go there yet, this is going to bring you into an area that is completely foreign to you.

This is where I`m at in my life. To help me cope with this, I know I must stay present for what shows up in my daily life.

Nature’s Wisdom teaches and inspires me to trust my own process through this new phase of my life. I hope that my process will help and inspire you through your own.

The Waiting

Waiting for something to happen, to be revealed or to come to fruition can be unnerving, not to say demanding. Learning to wait, to develop patience and trust in my own process is aided by a deeper understanding of what this trust and waiting looks like. Nature is a great inspiration when it comes to trusting the process.

Winter-Pussy willow tree

This picture was taken on March 27th. These are pussy willow trees.

The Process

The process in nature is created by actively participating in it every single day. It’s in the consistency of showing up that the steps finally get revealed. The process is never about the result. It’s an expression of nature that takes place daily and all of a sudden, something seems to emerge.

Have you ever noticed that when you drive someplace that you have never been to before, the road getting there seems never ending? On the way back, it seems shorter. Same thing happens in nature, when I look at it every day, searching for clues that it’s growing and transforming, the process is hard to notice. I`m too close to it, too involved. Once I know what takes place, I can do the return trip through pictures and all of a sudden, it doesn’t seem that far off.

Don't count the days, make the days count.

The pussy willow tree from top to bottom: April 20th; April 27th; April 30th

Looking at this same branch every single day, I don’t necessarily see what is happening. I take a picture and compare them from one week to the next and all of a sudden, the process is revealed.

When I`m too close to it, the tiny steps are hard to see and they seem to take forever.

Although the winter months might seem long, everything is forgotten when the leaves start showing up again. The time spent waiting for spring to arrive is all part of nature’s process to emerge out of the shadows and back to its new growth and evolving transformation.

The Trust

I look at nature and can’t help but learn to trust my own process. As long as I keep Being Present and Participate in my own journey the way nature is always present through each step, I will emerge into the life that is mine. Showing up whole and contributing who I am to the life that is happening around me.

Finding some inspiration to trust our own process especially on those days where it would be easy to let the feeling of fatigue and discouragement take over. Dare to go outside for a short walk. Get inspired by what nature has to show us about trusting our journey to our Self.

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