Nature’s Wisdom: Unity


Taking a break from my writing for the last couple of weeks has allowed me to spend many hours resting and reflecting on how and what Nature can teach us about Unity, Acceptance and Growth.

The inspiration comes from my own life as well as from listening to people wanting to express who they are and finding how to become part of the whole while being themselves.

My last Nature’s Wisdom blog talked about Adversity. This segues into what Nature’s Wisdom can reveal about Unity.

Unity in Nature is about cooperation, a union of independent pieces of a whole coming together to form something bigger than each individual part.

This unity is achieved due to individuality, acceptance and collaboration.


Each organism puts its energy on Being present: Every minute, every day and in every part of Nature. Let’s take a tree as an example. The tree is present in its roots, in its trunk, its branches, and its leaves, in all that the tree is. The tree is always present inside, around and what is reflected back to us, is the experience of the tree at the time that we see it. That tree is 100% present throughout its life, no matter which stage of its journey (see previous article) it is in.


As I keep growing and allowing myself to BE all that I am, I realize that what we receive, are commended for, reach for, is the concept and capacity to ‘strive for the Top’. Self-excellence is lost in the quest to reach the top.

Nature exists, survives and thrives from a place of neutral unity. The earth worm is as invaluable to Nature as the wolf or the oak tree. No growth, survival or life is too big or too small. All are an important part of the chain of progression in Nature.

Nature allows each organism the opportunity to be all that they can be and all that they are within the unity of the whole that is Nature.

The acceptance in Nature is about allowing things to be as they are and adapting to the situation or circumstances that show up.

Nature teaches us about respect for one and other by allowing all to grow and reach their own personal potential. Nature doesn’t prize certain growth achievements more than others. All growth is welcomed and added to the mixture and combination of the unity of nature. Whether they be hidden deep under our view or high in the sky.

“The acceptance of individuality reveals the essence of each organism’s identity as part of the whole. This allows for the unity of those separate parts to form the whole that we call Nature.”


What is treasured in Nature is unity and collaboration. Each organism is valued as itself. All have an important part to play in Nature.

Each organism puts its energy and efforts into Being all that it can Be. No comparing to others, no devaluing of individual contribution. Nature values organism because of its usefulness, relevance, value, beauty and contribution to the whole, each one playing its own part, within its own possibilities and potential. So, an earth worm will put its efforts in Being a worm and bringing value to Nature BECAUSE it’s a worm.  The bird will put its effort on Being a bird and bringing value to Nature by being a bird.

Nature concentrates on keeping its own organisms nourished, satisfied and sustained. Its value, contribution, benefits and importance comes from its strength of unity. Its capacity to accept, appreciate, value and allow all of its parts to come together to form its beauty.

Nature is made up of a multitude of parts, all combined together to make it what it is.

Nature abandons the quest for results. It puts its efforts in creating the present moment to the best of its capability. This creates a unity that is unimaginable in its beauty and form because each organism contributes in its unique difference of self.

Nature never changes its identity because a situation presents itself, it learns to adapt its response or its capacity to adjust and change with the situation. It doesn’t believe or try, it just IS. Its identity is its truth.

All humans have their identity and each has an important part to play within humanity.

If you wish to dig deeper into who you are so that you can experience inner peace in your daily life and contribute your brilliance to your world, reach out to me at We can have a discussion to meet and see if we can collaborate.

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8 Responses

  1. Nicole Levac says:

    Well I don’t envy you that humidity. The sandy beach sounds amazing. Pleasant moments taken whenever possible for sure. 🙂

  2. Beth says:

    Living in Florida with temperatures hovering around 110 with the humidity factor every day it is so hard to want to be outside and find inspiration from nature but I when I do get to the beach it is so amazing how just digging your toes in the sand can be so rejuvenating.

  3. Nicole Levac says:

    Thank you so much for your comment. I’m glad this resonated with you. 🙂

  4. What a deep and refreshing post! I totally agree with you and Kim, nature is always so healing. I really enjoyed your article 🙂

  5. Nicole Levac says:

    So glad you enjoyed it Kim. I wish you best of luck in the choices that you have ahead of you. Nature is a great teacher, may it help you to find your answers.

  6. kim says:

    Hi! I am enjoying the truth and timeliness of your words! I have been going thru a lot in a writing world, left teaching but have to maybe get back into teaching. My heart is torn, I am really taking time to be present to what I am feeling and receiving. Nature is so healing. I loved your article!

  7. Nicole Levac says:

    So true Marianne Soucy. Thanks for the comment 🙂

  8. Thank you for sharing these powerful lessons from Nature. Just the practice of Becoming Present alone can transform one’s life.

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