Nature’s Wisdom: Walking with the Elements


This week, I’ll be sharing how I invite the four elements in my body while out for a walk. Followed by the small ritual I do once I have invited them in.

Last week I shared how to find inspiration by going outside for a short time. This week, I’ll share with you what I do when I need to energise myself, regroup and connect with myself when I’m facing more demanding times in my life (so I’ve used this often;)

During this walk, I invite the four elements (Earth, Air, Fire, Water) and integrate them into my body. This practice connects me deeply with nature and with my own higher self.

To begin, I invite each of the four elements through a different direction in my body.


The Earth element is for grounding. It is the most concrete element, it also holds everything together and grounds nature so that it can ‘weather the storm’. I invite it through my feet.

This is the element that helps me stay balanced. I ground myself with it and it supports me to be able to face the situations that show up in my life.



The Water element nourishes the soil, cleanses the forest and feeds Nature. I invite this element through the crown of my head.

This element helps me to cleanse and clear away the obscure and hazy parts of myself.

This aids me in finding what nourishes me and helps me clear away what I no longer need in my life.  This is especially helpful in those moments where I am working through shifts, changes and adjustments in my life.


The Air element elevates things to a different level. The air moves things around, frees nature of the old and unnecessary. It allows the flexibility of nature to be showcased. This element is invited in through the left hand.

This is the element in which I learn about being flexible, adaptable and resilient through the various situations that show up in my life.


Fire (the Sun):

The Fire element creates the transformation of nature, creating the change in seasons, the changes in colour, and the growth of the organisms. I invite this element through my right hand.

This is the element that supports me to shape and create the transformation, adjustments or shifts that are taking place in my life. It also aids me to make these look and feel like me.


Each element is invited in, one at a time. Once I feel all four elements inside my body, I unite them together in the heart area. I recite these words: I invite the Earth element to join with the Water element, to elevate me with the Air element and transform me through the Fire element so that they unite and support me to be all that I AM.

This small ritual has helped me through many difficult times. Try it and tell me how it has helped you.

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